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Product Oil Loading Control System of Shandong Chambroad Petrochemicals Co.Ltd

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Product Oil Loading Control System of Shandong Chambroad Petrochemicals Co.Ltd

  System structure:monitoring computer,communication PLC cabinet,quantitative loading control instrument,flow meter,pneumatic two-stage valve,overfill grounding protector,etc.The monitoring computer is used to display the loading process,parameters and trend graphs,monitor the operation of the main equipment in the field,execute the necessary operating instructions,and complete the data exchange and record storage.The quantitative loading controller detects the working status of the on-site electrostatic oil spill alarm in real time and interlocks with the pneumatic two-stage valve.

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  Each loading position is equipped with a quantitative batch controller,connected to the field flow meter,pneumatic two-stage valve,electrostatic oil spill alarm system,IC card card reader,through the internal PLC counting control of the loading instrument to achieve quantitative loading requirements.The on-site batch controller group is connected in parallel,the RTU705 module is connected through RS485 communication,the communication with the batch controller is realized through module programming,and then the communication computer is communicated through the TCP/IP protocol.And the monitoring computer is installed with the CIMPLICITY configuration software.Based on the development of quantitative loading control system,realizing the monitoring of field equipment operation,data recording and exchange.

  Quantitative Batch Controller Procedure

  Part One Loading

  The batch controller is powered on and enters the startup screen.After 3 seconds,it enters the credit card screen(password input screen);

  1.Local loading

  (1)Determine the loading mode as local control in the upper computer;

  (2)Press the“Previous Page”under the swipe screen(password input screen)and leave it for one second(when you hear“Di”),it will automatically enter the idle screen;press“Next”to enter the set screen.

  (3)Press the number keys to enter the number of kilograms to be loaded in the setting amount screen.If you input the error,you can press the“Cancel”button to restart;

  (4)After the setting amount is input,press“OK”.After no error,press“Next Page”to enter the loading screen;

  (5)After ensuring that the loading arm is placed in the tank truck and the grounding is good,press the“Start”button to start loading;

  (6)The loading controller first starts the pump.When the liquid phase pressure reaches the set pressure,it starts to open the valve(opens 30%)and then the valve is fully opened after 5 seconds.After the loading reaches the quantity,the pump is automatically stopped,the valve is closed,and the load is loaded.The status changes to"Idle"at this time,the loading is completed once;if the loading is stopped,the operator presses the"Start"button to continue loading until the loading is completed.

  2.Remote loading(card loading)

  (1)Remote loading is required.Firstly,the upper computer ensures that the loading mode is“remote”(can be modified in the parameter setting of the upper computer)

  (2)Automatically enter the card swipe screen after the batch controller is powered on(password input screen)

  (3)At this time,place the IC card in the card swipe area.Do not remove it immediately.Wait for 3~5 seconds.When the words“Please wait while data is being read”appear on the screen,you can remove the IC card.If the information is correct,the screen will jump to the loading screen;press the“Settings”button for 1 second on the card screen to enter the password on the loading document,and the same effect as swiping the card.Do not repeat the card during the data reading process.

  (4)After ensuring that the loading arm is placed in the tank truck,the grounding is good,and the oil spill is normal,press the“Start”button on the loading screen to start loading the truck.The batch controller first starts the pump.When the liquid phase pressure reaches the set pressure,Start to open the valve(open 30%)and then open the valve for 5 seconds.After loading the vehicle,the pump is automatically stopped and the valve is closed.The loading status changes to“Idle”and the loading is completed once.

  (5)When loading in a warehouse,after entering the card successfully,first enter the total loading screen,you can see the total loading,then press“Next”to enter the“front bin loading screen”,then you can start loading.After loading,the loading instrument will automatically enter the emergency stop state.At this time,the valve is closed and the pump is stopped.At this time,press the“next page”to enter the“Zhongcang loading screen”.Then press the start to load the middle warehouse.After the loading of the medium warehouse,the batch controller will enter the emergency stop state again,and then press the page to enter the“post warehouse loading screen”.Press the start to load the warehouse.When all the bins are loaded,the batch controller will enter the idle state;if there are only two bins,the previous operation will remove the middle bin.


  1.Please do not press the button casually during the loading process,and do not modify the parameter setting amount to avoid unknown errors.

  2.When entering the password,if there is no response by pressing the number key,please press the“Cancel”and“OK”key combination at the same time,and then re-enter;

  3.If there is no response after entering the password,please press“Previous Page”for 1 second to free time screen,then press“Next Page”to solve.

  Part Two Reset

  1.Press“Next Page”in the loading screen to enter the password,and enter the password correctly to enter the reset screen.

  2.Press the“Settings”button on the reset screen to reset the current state.After reset,the status is idle.

  3.After the local state is reset,the loading instrument will automatically return to the set amount screen;after the remote state is reset,the batch controller will automatically return to the swipe screen(password input screen).


  1.After resetting,the loaded quantity is measured from 0.If it is not reset,it will continue to load after loading.If the loading status is idle,it may not need to be reset.

  2.Another reset mode is:press the“Cancel”and“Pause”buttons at the same time to reset the current state;

  3.When the loading does not end normally,if the amount is determined by human beings,press the“Pause”button to stop loading(after determining that it is no longer loaded),etc.,all must be reset.

  4.Do not perform reset operation during the loading process!

  5.The operator should look at the monitoring screen of the host computer at intervals.Is there any loading position that has not entered the idle state after the driver has finished loading?If so,please reset it in time to avoid affecting the data record and the next loading.

  Part Three The Parameter Setting

  1.Press the“Settings”button on the main menu screen to enter the password.Enter the password correctly and enter the parameter setting screen.

  2.Use the up and down direction keys to select the item to be modified.After the modification is completed,press“Previous Page”to return to the main menu;press“Next Page”to modify more parameters.

  Note:After the parameter setting is changed to a suitable value,generally do not modify it!

  Part Four About Sound and Light Alarm

  1.The occurrence of sound and light alarm

  (1)If the instantaneous flow rate is 0 after 10 seconds of loading and loading,the sound and light alarm will be automatically activated;

  (2)When the filling pressure is high,the sound and light alarm will be automatically activated;

  (3)If the electrostatic clamp is loose during the non-mandatory loading process,the loading state will indicate an emergency stop and activate the sound and light alarm prompt;

  (4)During the normal loading process,if an“emergency stop”state occurs,an audible and visual alarm prompt is activated.

  2.Elimination of sound and light alarm

  (1)If the flow rate is 0,the alarm will be automatically eliminated after the flow returns to normal;

  (2)Under the loading screen,press the“Function 1”button to cancel.

  Part Five Maintenance

  1.Commonly use a towel to wipe the batch controller,keep the batch controller panel clean and prevent the button from rusting;

  2.If the batch controller is not powered,please check the power supply and insurance;

  3.Please turn off the main power before opening the cover of the batch controller,and do not change the line with the electric wiring;

  4.The loading error is large,please check the flow coefficient,stop pump and stop valve advance amount setting is appropriate;

  5.If there is a thunderstorm,please turn off the batch controller,wait until the thunderstorm has passed,and check whether the loading instrument is normal and the loading factor is normal.

  Part Six The Screen

  Introduction to monitoring computer screen


  Loading monitoring screen

  The loading monitoring screen monitors and controls the loading state of each loading position in the loading station,and the monitoring object is the control mode and loading state of the batch controller,the cumulative amount and instantaneous flow rate of the station flow meter,the status of the valve and the electrostatic spill switch,etc.


  Parameter setting screen

  Flow parameter setting:The main function is to set the parameters,such as the flow coefficient of each loading position,the pump advance amount,and the valve closing amount.

  Data management


  Data management can realize functions such as oil record query,parameter modification record query,pump operation record query and historical alarm information browsing.


  Real-time alarm screen

  In this screen,you can view the current alarm message:red is positive alarm information,yellow is acknowledged but not reset alarm information,white is reset information.Once an alarm is generated,the relevant alarm information is automatically stored in the local database to form historical information for query.


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