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Africa Ghana KUMASI Reserve Warehouse Monitoring and Management System

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Africa Ghana KUMASI Reserve Warehouse Monitoring and Management System

  The oil depot is a strategic reserve of Ghana.There are 12 oil storage tanks,5 of which are inner floating roof tanks and 7 ordinary vault tanks with a total capacity of 11.9 million cubic meters.There are 3 intermediate tanks for unloading transition,each tank has a capacity of 1 million cubic meters,6 sets of unloading cargo platforms,and 12 cranes.The project was supervised by the Indian International Supervision Company and completed the third phase in 2009.

  System Overview

  The whole system adopts a distributed system structure to achieve decentralized control,centralized management,and information sharing.The monitoring management system specifically includes:

  Tank capacity subsystem

  High-precision radar level gauge,high static pressure transmitter,multi-point thermometer and TANK MASTER tank calculation software.

  Data acquisition and monitoring management subsystem

  The GE PAC 3 i controller and its process I/0-sets,2 sets of host computer system,using GE CIMPLICITY HMI industrial configuration software.

  Process control instrument

  It adopts domestic top electric cut-off ball valve,30 51 transmitter,tuning fork liquid level switch,spiral wheel main pipe flow meter,etc.

  Fire alarm subsystem

  Adopt domestic leading fire system and flammable gas alarm system.

  Transceiver monitoring and management subsystem

  Hubei Hongyi AWZ series loading management system and its software are used.On-site equipment includes:loading flow meter,digital electro-hydraulic valve,electrostatic oil spill protector,etc.

  Network and remote service sharing system

  It conducts data monitoring and transmission with the production management office and customs.

  System Interface

  The system is closely integrated with the automatic control part of the tank area,and can display the liquid level,temperature and even pressure changes of the oil tank in real time in the form of a graphical interface:


  The tank zone partition map can display the corresponding parameters of the tanks in each zone in real time,and can perform corresponding production operations on the tanks.


  The power supply redundancy management system enables the whole system to be powered by the UPS in case of power failure.The UPS is redundant.If the UPS supports the time to the warning position,the generator will automatically start to supply power.The power supply structure is as follows:


  The transceiver oil control system controls and manages the sending and receiving oil,and has the functions of invoicing,data statistics,real-time printing of oil and gas reports,and the interface is as follows:


  The fire protection system monitors the parameters of the fire pump station,etc.The interface is as follows:


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