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How to detect the recovery of oil and gas recovery equipment?

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How to detect the recovery of oil and gas recovery equipment?

  If there is no oil and gas recovery for waste oil and gas,what are the hazards?The following small series will give you an explanation.

  1.Harm to the human environment

  The composition of oil and gas is complex and has a stimulating effect on human organs.Many of them have toxic effects on internal organs,and some are carcinogenic substances.Under intense illumination,photochemical reactions occur between olefinic hydrocarbons and nitrogen oxides in oil and gas to produce photochemical smog,which is a variety of oxidizing compounds based on ozone.The hydrocarbon gas is one of the precursors of the secondary pollutant photochemical oxidant,which forms the main component of photochemical smog.In recent years,the devastating effects of tropospheric and near-surface ozone on crops and forests have attracted widespread attention.

  2.Impact on safety

  Most of the light oils are volatile and flammable substances,easy to aggregate,form an explosive mixture with the air,and then accumulate in the depression or pipe trench.In case of fire,it is prone to explosion or fire accident,causing heavy loss of life and property.

  3.Loss of economic benefits

  According to the survey,the total loss will reach 0.3%~0.45%of the crude oil processing volume.Strengthening the management of oil and gas recovery is both an environmental requirement and a need of economic value.

  Oil and gas recovery testing equipment is used here.The oil and gas recovery testing equipment is divided into portable oil and gas recovery testing equipment and fixed oil and gas recovery testing equipment.The portable oil and gas recovery testing equipment can be carried with you.The instrument can be placed in the discharge port for 5 minutes to analyze.The concentration of oil and gas discharged is determined,and then the oil and gas emissions are up to standard or not up to standard according to the numerical values.Due to the convenience of portable oil and gas recovery testing equipment,the price is relatively expensive,and generally only the environmental monitoring department is equipped.For oil and gas volatile enterprises,they are unwilling to equip them.

  Fixed oil and gas recovery testing equipment is generally used for fixed-point monitoring of enterprises with large oil and gas volatilization emissions to avoid timely treatment in the event of major pollution accidents.The fixed detection equipment is generally a skid-mounted equipment.The detection probe is placed in the centralized discharge port of the oil and gas recovery device and is tested 24 hours.The power needs to provide 220V power for the security location.The data can be simultaneously transmitted to the terminal receiving server via the Internet for 24 hours for record detection.Compared to portable inspection equipment,stationary inspection equipment is more accurate,more economical,more durable,and more comprehensive.For example,it can be detected in 24 hours,data can be transmitted at any time,and unattended detection can be performed.

  Fixed inspection equipment requires regular inspection and maintenance.In this way,the operating parameters of the oil and gas recovery unit can be better adjusted to make the oil and gas recovery equipment work more efficiently.

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