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Dongguan Shengyuan Chemical Oil Storage Tank Area SCADA System

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Dongguan Shengyuan Chemical Oil Storage Tank Area SCADA System

  The Pearl River Delta Aviation Oil Storage Project invested by Dongguan Shengyuan Petrochemical Co.,Ltd.is located in Lisha Island Petrochemical Zone,Shatian,Humen Port,Dongguan City.The project has a scale of 460,000 cubic meters of aviation kerosene,refined oil and chemical storage bases,a total of 90 storage tanks,68 loading cranes,5000 tons of docks,supporting pumping areas,fire protection systems,oil and gas recovery systems,accident pools,Fire pool,sewage treatment tank,pressure tank water tank and grease trap.

  System Overview

  Host computer system

  Redundant servers,operating stations,printers,WEB servers,networked devices,UPS,etc.

  Level measurement system

  The liquid level gauge is a radar level gauge.The self-control equipment collects the liquid level and temperature data of the liquid level meter through RS485,reads the volume from the tank capacity table by using the liquid level height,and calculates the real-time density by the VCF formula using the standard density and real-time temperature.Finally,the volume and density are used to calculate the mass and the flow rate when entering and discharging.

  Large screen display system

  LED high-definition display online process monitoring screen,video surveillance image,screen is 7*2.2 meters(width*height)loading system.

  Automatic control system

  High-performance GE PAC 3i series PLC,monitoring field instruments,fire protection systems and oil and gas recovery systems.

  Loading system

  34 sets-two loading instruments,using Ethernet communication to the loading management system

  Fire Fighting System

  Oil and gas recovery system


  Main Functions

  1.Each tank is equipped with pneumatic cutting ball valve to realize rapid opening.The measuring level radar liquid level is configured to realize high precision measurement,and the accuracy of the storage tank and the material control is improved.The high liquid level fork switch is configured to realize automatic interlocking of valve,pump and liquid level switch.The precision of the tank capacity is improved by measuring the multi-point thermometer.

  2.In addition to the data collection,monitoring and storage of the process of the upper machine system,and the data distribution function(WEB)of the channel area,the online data of the tank area can be remote through the Internet.

  3.The loading system is supported by the flow plan and the ground pound,the loading measurement mode supports the volume and the quality points,the product oil loading can support the five points,the IC card can realize the process control of five positions,the loading controller and the loading pump realize the interlocking function,which can automatic stop pump.

  4.In general,the automation level of the whole system has reached 80%.In the tank area,except for the hose exchange station,which needs to be equipped with on-site operators,all the others are automatically controlled by the central control.The loading process of the station is basically completed by the driver independently.

  System interface


  Project field


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