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Dongguan Humen Port Gulf Oil Storage Co., Ltd. Reservoir Management System

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Dongguan Humen Port Gulf Oil Storage Co., Ltd. Reservoir Management System

  Dongguan Gulf Oil Storage Co.,Ltd.petrochemical storage-period project is located in Lisha Island Petrochemical Zone,Shatian,Humen Port,Dongguan,with a scale of 70,000 cubic meters of gasoline and diesel,styrene,dichlorohydrin and glacial acetic acid storage bases.The storage project is mainly divided into material storage area,automobile loading area and auxiliary production area according to the area.The material storage area is planned to be 24 storage tanks of 5001-5004,501-504 and 3001-301 6,mainly storing gasoline,diesel,liquid chemicals,styrene,methylene chloride and glacial acetic acid,including supporting pumps.Groups and facilities such as pipes and valves that connect the facilities.

  There is a car loading shed in the car loading area,in which there are 7 loading platforms,a total of 24 loading spaces,l#loading platform is equipped with 4 loading positions,2#-5#loading platforms are arranged.3 loading positions,6#loading platform is equipped with 4 loading positions,7#loading platform is equipped with 4 loading positions.The loading pipelines are all DN 80,and the material is carbon steel or stainless steel.The equipment of each truck seat includes manual valves,filters,flow meters,control valves and equipment for loading cranes.The loading arm basically adopts a top-bottomed loading arm.

  The auxiliary production areas mainly include central control room,cabinet room,loading and unloading room,access control room,dock,accident pool,fire pool and sewage treatment tank.

  System Overview

  According to the design specifications of the library area,user requirements and operation management,etc.,the entire library is divided into two relatively independent control systems,namely the remote data acquisition and monitoring system(the SCADA system in the reservoir area)and the quantitative loading control system.

  Library SCADA system

  The remote data acquisition and monitoring system(storage area SCADA system)in the reservoir area is mainly to strengthen the remote real-time monitoring and data and report of the status of important equipment or operating equipment(storage tanks,pump sets,valves,pipelines,interlocking equipment,etc.)in the reservoir area.Such management,improve the reliability of equipment operation,improve the working conditions of operators,reduce labor intensity and operating costs,ensure production safety,and ultimately improve the operational management level and economic benefits of the reservoir area.

  The SCADA system in this reservoir area adopts a hierarchical distributed structure,which consists of three parts:management level,control level and field level.

  Quantitative loading system

  The most suitable loading control system is mainly to improve the production efficiency of loading,ensure the delivery accuracy,ensure the safety of loading operations,reduce the labor intensity of workers,and minimize the various accidents caused by human factors to ensure the operation of equipment and meet the needs of security management.

  The quantitative loading control system can be divided into a centralized quantitative loading control system and a distributed quantitative loading control system in the control mode.This scheme adopts the distributed quantitative loading control system.According to the distribution of the loading position on the console,a quantitative batch controller is used to control a loading position,and then multiple batch controllers are connected by industrial Ethernet.Communicate with the loading management station for data transmission.The distributed loading and unloading system is operated and displayed on site by the on-site loading controller.The loading management station is only responsible for remote monitoring and management.It is characterized by high operability,convenient maintenance and high safety.


  Main configuration

  Tank area automatic control system

  1.Central control room

  2.Central control room LED large screen

  3.Central control room master control PLC system

  4.Site 1#Remote I/O Station System(V401-V408,VS 01-VS 06 Tank Area and Common Parts)

  5.Site 2#Remote I/O Station System(V507-VS1 6 Tank Zone and Common Section)

  6.Loading control room host computer system

  7.Loading system on-site inspection instrument

  Field instrumentation

  On-site instrumentation

  Cable and mounting material

  I/O signal lightning protection grid


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