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Ningxia Ruiyuan 100 cubic oil and gas recovery system delivery site

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  Oil and gas recovery is a new technology of energy conservation and environmental protection. It uses oil and gas recovery technology to recover oil and gas discharged during storage, transportation and loading and unloading, to prevent air pollution caused by oil and gas volatilization, to eliminate safety hazards, and to reduce energy utilization and reduce Economic losses, and thus a considerable return on efficiency. Common methods include adsorption, absorption, condensation, and membrane separation.


  Generally, we will smell a petrol smell at the gas station. These volatile substances are called “oil and gas”, which not only pollutes the environment and endangers human health, but also causes waste of resources. The evaporation loss of oil during storage and transportation is about 0.26%-0.34% of crude oil processing, and the loss of gasoline in these processes is the most serious. The amount of gasoline evaporation loss is usually less than 5% abroad, while China is as high as 6%-10%.



  When many individual car owners refuel their vehicles at gas stations, they often see gas spilling out of the car's fuel tank, and these gases are also one of the important sources of air pollution. Because of the high frequency of use, the refueling gun is the most polluting oil and gas leakage equipment. Therefore, the secondary oil and gas recovery and transformation is mainly carried out on the gasoline refueling machine to achieve the discharge of oil and gas pollutants. The recovered oil and gas molecules are converted into gasoline, which saves resources to some extent.

  Oil and gas recovery through the installation of oil and gas recovery systems in oil depots, gas stations and tank trucks, "catch" and restore all invisible oil and gas into gasoline, has the triple role of protecting the environment, protecting health and saving energy. The application of oil and gas recovery technology, that is, the use of stratified cooling liquefaction principle, condensing gaseous oil and gas volatiles into liquid oil products for recycling, can improve the utilization efficiency of oil and gas resources. This saves energy and protects the environment.


  Today, Ningxia Ruiyuan 100 cubic oil and gas recovery has been sent to the site, we will provide a comprehensive solution according to different needs of customers and different conditions. Convenient for our extensive use and production. Our company has a practical technology, a professional operation team, to create a service based on the user experience, the perfection of service is our endless pursuit.

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