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Installed organic matter pollutes our volatile oil and gas recovery

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Installed organic matter pollutes our volatile oil and gas recovery

  The oil and gas of the refueling gun is recycled to reduce the emission of volatile organic compounds. However, due to the abnormality of the oil and gas recovery device, the volatile organic matter emissions exceed 5 times. Yesterday, the Municipal 263 Special Operations Office inspected the oil and gas recovery of some gas stations in the city and found that the oil and gas recovery devices at the road gas stations did not operate normally.

  The smell of gasoline emitted from gas stations is caused by the volatilization of oil and gas into the air. This volatile organic matter pollution will directly cause ozone to exceed the standard. Ozone has become the second largest pollutant affecting the city's air quality. One of the 263 special actions is to treat volatile organic compounds.

  Yesterday’s raids, the environmental protection department also invited third-party testing agencies. Law enforcement officers of the Municipal Vehicle Emission Control Supervision Center said: "If the oil and gas recovery is not up to standard in the test, the third party will be asked to use another instrument for testing. The third-party test results have legal effects."


  The checkpoint is the Jihong gas station at Jiqingmen Street. The inspectors checked several refueling guns with a portable checker. The data displayed on the inspector was within 10 ppm. “This refers to the percentage of oil and gas in the air, within 10ppm, indicating that the concentration is very low and the oil and gas is recovered,” the inspector said. At this gas station, the oil and gas concentrations of several refueling guns and unloading wells recovered from this volatile oil and gas are up to standard.

  When the inspectors came to the road station, they could smell a distinct smell of gasoline when they walked into the station. The inspectors randomly selected the No. 2, No. 5 and No. 8 refueling guns. The device organic pollutant detector showed that the oil and gas concentrations were as high as 700 ppm and the oil and gas recovery devices were 900 ppm and 300 ppm, which were serious. The management leader must direct the oil and gas recovery unit in the first line. Subsequently, the third-party inspection unit inspects the refueling gun—injecting the refueling gun into the sampler and injecting the gasoline, and the instrument is started at the same time, and the oil and gas concentration is calculated according to the quantity of the sampled gasoline. The test showed that the fueling guns of No. 98, No. 95 and No. 92 gasoline of the gas station all had excessive oil and gas, and the high standard exceeded 5 times. “The test results show that the gas recovery unit of this gas station is not in normal use, causing pollution emissions,” the inspectors said. The Municipal Pollution Control Center decided to investigate and deal with the road gas station, and the newspaper will continue to pay attention to the progress.

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