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Desorption process of activated carbon equipment and comparison of advantages and disadvantages

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Desorption process of activated carbon equipment and comparison of advantages and disadvantages

  It is mentioned that the activated carbon waste gas treatment equipment is familiar to everyone, and it is known that activated carbon has a strong adsorption capacity. However, for activated carbon adsorption and desorption equipment, activated carbon regeneration, we are not clear. Although activated carbon has a strong adsorption capacity, it has a small adsorption capacity and is easy to be saturated. After long-term application, the activated carbon loses its adsorption capacity and becomes solid waste. Therefore, activated carbon desorption regeneration is urgently needed.

  Activated carbon desorption regeneration is divided into variable temperature desorption and pressure swing desorption, and temperature desorption is divided into high temperature steam desorption and thermal nitrogen cycle desorption.

  Steam desorption has the advantages of fast heating rate and high desorption efficiency, but it also produces waste water, which brings a certain amount of water to the activated carbon bed. Some substances with higher boiling points are not suitable for thermal desorption. The heat single cycle desorption and desorption efficiency is high, does not change the original environment of the activated carbon bed, and no other wastewater is generated, but the hot single cycle desorption requires the circulation fan to work, and the power consumption and equipment investment is slightly larger than the steam desorption.

  The variable pressure psa desorption and desorption speed is fast, the equipment space utilization rate is high, the desorption time is short, the power consumption is small, but the desorption efficiency is not high.

  The activated carbon adsorption and desorption equipment should select the appropriate desorption process according to the actual working conditions of the plant area and the site to ensure the safe and stable operation of the equipment.

  Activated carbon equipment plays an important role in the treatment of waste gas. Activated carbon has a strong adsorption capacity, and at the same time, it has many kinds of adsorbed substances, and has a wide application range. It is widely used in environmental protection equipment. However, it also has problems such as small adsorption amount, easy saturation, dangerous waste after adsorption saturation, and difficulty in handling. Therefore, the regeneration of activated carbon is particularly important. The activated carbon equipment should be equipped with a steam regeneration system to prolong the adsorption life of activated carbon and improve the efficiency of use.

  After the adsorption of activated carbon is saturated, the treatment capacity of organic waste gas is no longer existed. If it is not desorbed in time, the exhaust gas treatment will be unqualified. At the same time, voc organic substances will be combined inside the pores of activated carbon, or chemical reaction will be produced to produce colloidal substances, and the activated carbon will be blocked. Completely lose the adsorption capacity to become hazardous waste, so the activated carbon adsorbed by the organic waste gas must be desorbed in time, using steam regeneration or psa pressure regeneration.

  Steam desorption is one of the commonly used regeneration methods of activated carbon. It has the advantages of small investment, low cost of use, fast heating rate of activated carbon, short desorption time and high degree of automation. However, a large amount of waste water is generated during the regeneration process, and a large amount of water enters the activated carbon bed or the adsorption tank. PSA pressure desorption is now widely promoted. It has short desorption time, high desorption efficiency, high degree of automation, no other hazardous waste generation, and does not change the internal environment of the original adsorption system. However, the investment cost is higher than the steam desorption, and the operating energy consumption is also slightly larger than the steam desorption.

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