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How does oil and gas recovery reduce the volatilization of oil and gas?

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How does oil and gas recovery reduce the volatilization of oil and gas?

  Oil and gas recovery refers to the collection of volatile gasoline and oil in the process of loading and unloading gasoline and refueling vehicles. Through the processes of absorption, adsorption or condensation, oil and gas are converted from gaseous to liquid and re-converted to gasoline.

  Gas station oil and gas recovery is divided into three steps, one recovery is when the tanker unloads oil. In the gas station where the oil and gas pollution recovery treatment is implemented, the underground oil tank has one more nozzle. When the oil is unloaded, the nozzle is connected to the oil tank recovery tube of the tanker, and the oil and gas will be pumped into the tanker.

  The second recovery occurs when fueling the car. An oil and gas recovery vacuum pump and an oil and gas recovery pipeline are installed inside the tanker. Look at the cover of the refill gun like a mask, this is the return hood. When refueling the car, the return hood just buckles the tank to prevent oil and gas from spilling out of the tank. At the same time, there is a small hole in the root of the barrel, which is an oil and gas recovery hole.

  When refueling, the vacuum pump draws the oil in the tank back into the underground tank through the recovery hole. After these two recovery, the oil and gas will be brought back to the oil depot for centralized and centralized treatment.

  The three-time recycling means that if the annual sales volume of gasoline at a gas station reaches 8,000 tons or more, it is necessary to install a condensing device to directly condense the oil and gas into gasoline at the gas station by means of low temperature and low pressure. In this way, oil and gas recovery not only greatly reduces the harmful substances discharged into the atmosphere, but also has the ecological benefits of improving the quality of the ambient air. It can also reuse oil and gas and bring certain economic benefits.

  1 liter of gasoline from the refinery to the owner's car fuel tank, at least through the oil storage, tanker, gas station underground tank, car tank, four storage and transportation links, and each time through a storage container, about 1 liter of oil and gas . That is to say, adding 1 liter of oil to the car will discharge about 4 liters of oil and gas. Recycling so many oil and gas will save a considerable amount of resources.

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