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Three stages of completion of the oil and gas recovery system

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Three stages of completion of the oil and gas recovery system

  Oil and gas recovery refers to the collection of volatile gasoline and oil in the process of loading and unloading gasoline and refueling vehicles.By one or two methods of absorption,adsorption or condensation,or reducing oil and gas pollution,or The gaseous state changes to a liquid state and is re-converted to gasoline for recycling purposes.

  Oil and gas recovery is an energy-saving and environmentally-friendly high-tech.It uses oil and gas recovery technology to recover oil and gas discharged during storage,transportation and loading and unloading,to prevent air pollution caused by oil and gas volatilization,to eliminate potential safety hazards,and to reduce energy utilization and reduce Economic losses,and thus a considerable return on efficiency.Currently common methods are adsorption,absorption,condensation and membrane separation.

  This is usually done through a three-stage oil and gas recovery system:

  The first stage of oil and gas recovery:the oil truck is unloaded into the oil storage tank of the gas station,and the oil vapor in the oil storage tank of the gas station is collected into the oil tank of the oil tank through the airtight method,and transported to the oil storage tank for centralized recovery.The oil vapor turns into gasoline.

  The second stage of oil and gas recovery:the oil and gas generated when fueling the automobile fuel tank is collected and recovered in a closed manner and buried in an underground storage tank.

  At present,there are more secondary oil and gas recovery.The secondary oil and gas recovery system generally includes a vacuum assisted oil and gas recovery fueling gun,a vapor-liquid ratio regulating valve,a coaxial reverse rubber hose,a pull-off valve,a vapor-liquid separation valve,a vacuum pump,a safety valve,and the like.According to national standards,it is necessary to adjust the vapor-liquid ratio to 1:1~1:1.2 for oil and gas recovery.If this system is carefully accounted for,it is generally more equipment and initial installation costs,and the added cost to the gas station is very small.

  The third stage of oil and gas recovery:the oil vapor in the oil storage tank is generally converted into gasoline by the activated carbon adsorption method,the condensation method,etc.and flows back to the storage tank.The exhaust gas discharged into the air needs to meet the national standard,that is,the mass of non-methane hydrocarbons contained per cubic meter of dry gas is Qlt=25g.

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