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Application of large loading arm loading system in refinery

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Application of large loading arm loading system in refinery

  In the process of production,processing and transportation of oil products in refineries,there are certain loss problems in various operation steps to different extents,which may result in lower efficiency of the entire refinery and a considerable economic losses.The loading link is one of the key oil loss links(the oil loss in the loading chain accounts for about 20%of the total loss of oil products in each link).And it is urgent to improve the operation quality through improved methods.Based on this,this paper takes the application of large loading arm loading system in the refinery as the research object,starting from the two aspects of the large loading arm loading system and the large loading arm loading and unloading system.The related problems involved in the application process have been analyzed and elaborated in detail,hoping to attract special attention and attention from all staff.

  AL2453 scene

  large loading arm loading system refinery operating system oil and gas recovery system,supported by traditional technical conditions,multi-application small loading arm high-level splash-type loading to complete the refinery product factory operations.However,there are still relatively large problems and deficiencies in this type of loading system and operation mode.For example,during the loading process,the relevant personnel have a high operational intensity and a relatively harsh working environment.During the loading operation,large oil loss occurs,resulting in adverse economic benefits and high incidence.The horizontal electrostatic position is very unfavorable for the safety of loading operations,and will also cause great pollution and impact on the surrounding ecological environment.Therefore,it is urgent to improve.In recent years,the continuous development of oil loading automation technology has brought unprecedented opportunities for solving this problem.Renewing the small crane loading system in the traditional sense to the large crane loading system can effectively develop its comprehensive performance,and at the same time can solve the above problems satisfactorily.This article is a detailed analysis and explanation of the above related issues.

  I.Application analysis of large loading arm loading and loading operating system in refinery

  With the support of the current technical conditions,the basic structural elements of the entire large crane loading system include the following aspects:

  (1)Hydraulic loading of large crane pipe elements;

  (2)traction elements;

  (3)Hydraulic operating station;

  (4)Automatic loading elements;

  (5)automatic dose control elements;

  (6)Electrostatic grounding system elements.

  Compared with the small crane loading system adopted in the traditional sense,the large crane loading system has shown decisiveness in terms of mechanical automation level,control concentration,and labor consumption.Advantages,can be used as the core equipment in the refinery oil loading phase.

  At the same time,in the large crane tube loading system,it is based on PLC control and industrial control machine to achieve control of the entire operating system.At the same time,it is also possible to complete the centralized supervision and control of the instrumentation and automatic switching valve components by means of industrial control machines.Moreover,the system also provides a corresponding communication interface for the full-field management computer as a support.

  Combined with relevant practical operation experience,in the daily operation and operation process of the refinery,the links that cause oil storage and transportation loss mainly include the following aspects:

  (1)Storage tank evaporation link;

  (2)Oil loading links;

  (2)tank cleaning process;

  (4)Dehydration of oil tanks.

  It can be seen that for the operation of the entire refinery,the oil loading link has become one of the key links leading to a large loss of oil.By analyzing it separately,it can be seen that the factors affecting the oil loss level during the operation of the large crane pipe loading system involve the four aspects of oil properties,loading mode,loading pressure,and metering method.Impact.In combination with practical work experience,in order to maximize the control of the oil loss level in the loading system operation,it is required to apply the principle of heavy oil in principle,and in the closed state under the liquid,with the small loading pressure,select the automatic loading.The car metering method achieves the important purpose of controlling oil loss.

  In general,in the entire large crane loading system,the reasonable application of the operating system is one of the key means to solve the problem of reducing oil consumption and saving energy resources.

  At the same time,it can also cooperate with the supervision and management of oil quality,the development and regulation of operation technology,and improve the automation level of the whole process of operating system operation,thereby reducing the problem of oil loss due to the normal operation of the crane loading system.The adverse effects of the environment.

  Oil and gas recovery

  At the same time,in the operation process of the operating system,manual metering should be used as much as possible.In order to effectively control the measurement error,mass flowmeters are required and introduced into the automatic loading dose control system.The comprehensive error value is strictly controlled within the allowable range,to reduce the problem of oil metering loss and improve its economic benefits.

  The application analysis of the large loading arm loading and unloading oil and gas recovery system in the refinery combined with the practical work experience,in order to achieve the purpose of effectively controlling the problem of oil loss,in the process of applying the large loading arm loading system,Try to adopt a closed loading plan.However,this will also result in a large amount of oil and gas generated in the process of loading the oil in the interior of the loading system,and it is impossible to discharge the oil and gas out.In response to this actual situation,it is required to pay attention to the following problems during the use of the oil and gas recovery system:First,the oil and gas can be recycled.

  An oil and gas recovery device is arranged in the workshop,and the oil and gas recovery device uses diesel oil at a normal temperature as an absorbent to effectively recover light hydrocarbon components contained in the oil and gas,and at the same time,can partially oil the oil in a condensed state.The device is effectively recycled.In this way,during the operation of the loading system,the oil and gas formed inside the tanker can be integrated or concentrated by the oil pipeline or the centralized recovery device.

  The advantage of this embodiment is that it can reduce the protection function relative to the morphological environment while effectively controlling the environment to cause volatilization problems.Secondly,it is possible to carry out high-altitude discharge treatment of oil and gas with a small recovery value and relatively low recovery difficulty.During the operation of the oil and gas recovery system,the oil and gas generated in the tank car is collected into the oil and gas line through the gas phase outlet inside the sealing cover,thereby establishing on the basis of the blower to achieve the high-altitude discharge of oil and gas.

  In this way,on the one hand,it is possible to control the aggregation of the oil and gas relative to the surrounding oil sump,and on the other hand,to avoid the influence of the human body on environmental pollution.

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