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What is the principle of oil and gas recovery?

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What is the principle of oil and gas recovery?

  Oil and gas recovery is an energy-saving and environmentally-friendly high-tech.It uses oil and gas recovery technology to recover oil and gas discharged during storage,transportation and loading and unloading,to prevent air pollution caused by oil and gas volatilization,to eliminate potential safety hazards,and to reduce energy utilization and reduce Economic losses,and thus a considerable return on efficiency.

  At present,the methods of oil and gas recovery mainly include adsorption method,absorption method,condensation method,oxidation incineration method,etc.These methods are applied in the early stage of oil and gas recovery.As people's understanding of oil and gas recovery technology deepens,the absorption method is eliminated due to its high exhaust gas emission concentration and oxidative incineration because it cannot recover valuable hydrocarbon components.

  These oil and gas recovery processes all have their own advantages and disadvantages.The single method,whether it is condensation or adsorption,is hard to call perfect.Only a few processes are combined,each with its own advantages,to better play each The advantages of a variety of processes.

  1.The combination of condensation and adsorption methods is currently a popular method and can be recognized by most people.Generally,the second-stage condensation is used to condense the oil and gas to-40 degrees to-50 degrees.After the second-stage condensation,more than 85%of the oil and gas are liquefied,and the lower concentration of the uncondensed oil is passed through an adsorption system.The enrichment of oil and gas greatly increases the concentration of oil and gas,and the volume is greatly reduced(the exhaust gas that has been separated by the adsorption system has been discharged).At this time,the enriched oil enters the third-stage condensing system and is deeply condensed.The power of the condenser is greatly reduced.

  The advantages of this process:

  (1)an effective combination of the advantages of the condensation method and the adsorption method;

  (2)Due to the enrichment of oil and gas by the adsorption system,the oil and gas to be treated by the third-stage condensation is greatly reduced,and the energy consumption is also reduced;(3)The oil and gas after secondary condensation is medium-low temperature oil and gas,activated carbon bed No high temperature hot spots are generated,and the adsorption system also overcomes safety hazards.

  2.Membrane absorption method:an oil and gas recovery method and device for integrating the absorption method and the membrane separation method,the method is to mix various oil and gas and air generated by the oil storage and transportation equipment in the process of sending and receiving oil through the gas collecting tube And the compressor enters the absorption tower,and the special lean absorbent is used to absorb and recover the oil and gas discharged from the light oil in the absorption tower,and the tail gas containing a small amount of oil and gas in the tower is sent to the membrane separator to further separate the oil and gas and the air,and The air is discharged into the atmosphere,and the absorbent absorbed in the tower is sent to a desorption tank for desorption and regeneration,so that the absorbent can be recycled.

  The high-concentration oil and gas separated from the membrane separator and desorbed from the desorption tank is sent to the recovery tower,which is absorbed by the liquid lean body in the recovery tower,and the absorbed rich oil is sent back to the storage tank.Or can be used directly.The method can make the oil and gas recovery rate as high as 99%or more,and obtain obvious environmental and economic benefits.

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