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Which oil and gas recovery and transformation equipment manufacturer is better?

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Which oil and gas recovery and transformation equipment manufacturer is better?

  With the continuous advancement of society,people's development has begun to be limited not only to the development of industry and technology,but also to more energy to pay attention to environmental and environmental issues.With the continuous implementation of the slogan of sustainable development,more and more environmental protection equipment has been developed and produced.Oil and gas recovery and transformation equipment has emerged in such an environment and has gradually been applied by more oil product manufacturers.

  Why should gas stations use oil and gas recovery equipment?On the one hand,it is caused by air leakage from the venting tube,which will cause air pollution.Oil tanks and their oil pipelines,joints,etc.are not sealed,which may cause groundwater pollution and pose a safety hazard.If the oil is not properly operated during refueling,the oil gun may drop or overflow,which may cause damage to the paint surface of the high-grade car and fail to meet the requirements of safety and environmental protection.On the other hand,it is also because oil and gas spills during refueling will have a certain impact on human health,and safety and environmental protection requirements are not up to standard.


  So how does the oil and gas recovery and transformation equipment work?

  First,the adsorption principle:Some solids have an affinity for liquefaction or gas,and this affinity is called adhesion.Activated carbon is a solid with strong adhesion.Activated carbon contains a large amount of internal pore structure,so activated carbon is an excellent adsorbent.In addition to the internal factors,the adsorption capacity of activated carbon is higher by the pressure,the lower the temperature,and the higher the concentration of the adsorbed component,the stronger the adsorption force.

  Second,the desorption process:the desorption process is the reversal of the adsorption process.The adsorbed component is re-released,and the released gas concentration is higher than the original mixed gas concentration.Increasing the temperature;evacuating to reduce the pressure;reducing the concentration of the tissue surrounding the adsorbent,etc.,can promote desorption.

  Third,the adsorption process:When the tanker starts to load oil,the oil produced by the tank mouth is adsorbed by the carbon bed through the electric valve.When the adsorption amount reaches the set number of lifts,the shut-off valve on the gasoline supply and return line is opened.Start the gasoline supply pump and the gasoline return pump to start the circulation of the gasoline.Open the solenoid valve and control valve and start the vacuum pump at the same time.When the vacuum of the inlet line of the vacuum pump reaches the set value,the control system opens the regeneration valve of the activated carbon bed to regenerate the activated carbon bed.The introduction of clean air in the later stages of regeneration allows more hydrocarbons to be desorbed from the activated carbon bed.

  When the oil and gas in the activated carbon bed is sucked out by the vacuum pump,it is separated from the vacuum pump separator in the separator.Feed into the heat exchanger and re-enter the vacuum pump.The gas enters the absorption tower and is absorbed back to the storage tank.A small amount of unabsorbed oil and gas is returned to the activated carbon adsorption bed for adsorption.The gasoline stream used as the absorption medium has two functions,one is to enter the packing absorption tower as an absorbent,and the other is to take away the heat of the sealing liquid as a cold medium of the heat exchanger.Through the use of oil and gas recovery devices,the social and economic benefits are significant.


  Shenzhen Autoware Science&Technology Co.,Ltd.is a professional R&D and manufacturing enterprise for blocking explosion-proof skid mounted fuel station and methanol fuel skid mounted filling station.The blocking explosion-proof skid mounted filling station installed by AUTOWARE can greatly reduce the safety distance limit.It has the advantages of small size,small footprint,easy installation,overall migration,low investment,safety and reliability,low operating cost and long service life.The company has a large number of engineering cases in places with large traffic such as ports,logistics parks,airports,and bus hubs.The product has perfect functions and reliable quality.It is a high-tech product that is safe and explosion-proof and does not pollute the atmosphere and groundwater resources.All kinds of equipment designed and manufactured by AUTOWARE meet the standards in design,manufacture,installation and operation.AUTOWARE provides more convenient refueling services for the people.

  The blocking explosion-proof skid mounted filling station produced by Shenzhen Autoware Science&Technology Co.,Ltd.has one or two oil and gas recovery functions.It can effectively reduce oil loss,reduce unnecessary loss of the company,improve product equipment safety performance,and reduce atmospheric pollution.We actively respond to the national environmental policy.

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