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During 27th to 30th,ShenzhenAutoware and HongbeiHongyi are invited to attend the MICONEX 2013.Split type loading control device,multi-function liquid skid mounted,overflow static controller and ultrasonic level switch are showed and attached many professional visitors and media attention.
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Automatic and rapid quantitative loading:a complete set of equipment for quickly and continuously loading bulk materials into a moving carriage in a controlled manner within a specified time,which is a belt loading system and a steel structure.The main body,the buffer chamber,the quantitative chamber,the batching system,the unloading system,the hydraulic system and the electronic control system.Rapid quantitative loading system solution:PLC control technology,network communication technology,sensor detection technology,frequency conversion control and PID control strategy based on internal model principle,realize two automatic loading modes of automatic control and manual operation control.
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Quantitative loading control system brand manufacturer Autower is equipped with a quick quantitative loading system.The value of the rapid quantitative loading system is shared from the main functions of the fast,automatic and distributed quantitative loading control system,the characteristics of the quantitative loading system,the application field of the rapid quantitative loading system,and the main features.
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