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From September 16th-18th2015, Autoware Company attended the Ecuador International Petroleum Exhibition which is the Ecuador's largest oil and natural gas Exhibition.The exhibition was held in the International Convention and Exhibition Center of Ecuadorian capital. Thousands of the world's enterprises attended the Ecuador International Petroleum Exhibition. Under the strong support of the Ecuadorian Ministry of energy, the Ecuador International oil and gas exhibition was a complete success.
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Oil and gas recovery is a new technology of energy conservation and environmental protection. It uses oil and gas recovery technology to recover oil and gas discharged during storage, transportation and loading and unloading, to prevent air pollution caused by oil and gas volatilization, to eliminate safety hazards, and to reduce energy utilization and reduce Economic losses, and thus a considerable return on efficiency. Common methods include adsorption, absorption, condensation, and membrane separation.
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  The oil and gas of the refueling gun is recycled to reduce the emission of volatile organic compounds. However, due to the abnormality of the oil and gas recovery device, the volatile organic matter emissions exceed 5 times. Yesterday, the Municipal 263 Special Operations Office inspected the o
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