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LNG loading skid

What is the loading skid? LNG tank truck loading skid overview: referred to as "loading skid". It is an integrated skid-mounted facility that integrates the instruments and equipment in each LNG loading arm into a dedicated frame structure for prefabrication, integrated assembly and testing in the factory.

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What is the loading skid?LNG tank truck loading skid overview:referred to as"loading skid".It is an integrated skid-mounted facility that integrates the instruments and equipment in each LNG loading arm into a dedicated frame structure for prefabrication,integrated assembly and testing in the factory.
What is the composition of the LNG loading skid?The composition of the LNG loading skid consists of loading arm,mass flowmeter,control valve,temperature and pressure transmitter,batch controller,pipeline cooling and other parts(accessories).
Part One Characteristic of LNG Tank Truck Loading Skid
In the factory,the instrumentation and equipment of the loading system are integrated on a skid-mounted rack,and electrical installation,strength test and low temperature test are completed.After the loading skid reaches the loading site of the user,the grounding angle bolt is grounded,and the process pipeline,communication and power supply lines are connected so that the loading skid can be used.
Part Two LNG Tank Truck Loading Skid Loading Process
1.LNG loading skid is equipped with a reasonable process
2.LNG loading skid is equipped with perfect running function
3.LNG loading skid is equipped with reliable safety measures
4.LNG loading skid conveyor equipment manufacturing and installation quality is excellent
5.LNG loading arm
The loading arm is the key equipment in the loading skid.The LNG loading arm adopts the double-armed column structure and the two arms are installed up and down.
Part Three Mass Flowmeter
The mass flow meter measures the loading amount during the loading process.Each LNG flowmeter has been calibrated by liquid nitrogen low temperature correction coefficient to ensure better low temperature performance.
Control Valve/Temperature and Pressure Transmitter
Part Four Control Valves
The flow regulating valve in the system needs to reliably control the loading flow.If the loading flow rate is too high,there is a safety hazard.If the loading flow rate is too small,the BOG generated is large,the loading time is long,and the loading efficiency is reduced.Therefore,the linear control valve is generally used.
Part Five Temperature and Pressure Transmitters
The temperature transmitter adopts split type and the thermal resistance adopts flange type.Because the loading pipeline is small and there is an insulating layer outside,the thermal resistance needs to install a guide pipe when the pipeline is installed.For liquid phase,the insertion depth is below the center of the tube.For gas phase,the insertion depth is above the center of the tube.
Batch Controller/Pipeline Cooling
Part Six Batch Controller
The batch controller adopts the structure of PLC,and each loading skid is a unit.The hardware can collect the flow,pressure,temperature,electrostatic signal and valve position signal,and realize the control of the control valve and pneumatic shut-off valve.
Part Seven Pipeline Cooling
There are many short sections of valves,instruments and pipelines in LNG loading skid.The pipeline is not suitable for vacuum tube structure,and it is suitable to use external cooling material.
Part Eight LNG Gasification Station
The LNG gasification station is the main mode for downstream natural gas applications.The main role is to store,gasify and transport LNG.It mainly includes unloading platforms,cryogenic storage tanks,pressurization systems,gasification systems,and pressure regulating,metering and odorizing systems.

LNG pipeline (liquid phase)NG pipeline (Vapor phase)
Operating temperature-196℃/50℃-196℃/50℃
Design temperature-196℃/100℃-196℃/100℃
Operating pressure0.55MPa0.1—0.55Mpa
Design pressure0.88Mpa0.78MPa
Design flow60m3/h200m3/h
Factory instrument air0.5-0.7Mpa (providing 0.6MPa air source in factory)
Nitrogen purge0.4---0.8MPa (providing 0.7MPa air source in factory) Ambient temperatureAmbient temperature
Dangerous zoneZONE1
Ex gradeNot less than EXdii BT4
Protection levelNot less than IP65

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