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Electric Double-clip Type Knife Gate Valve

  Electric double-clip type knife gate valve is composed of knife gate valve and multi-turn electric actuator. The valve stem is driven by the valve stem to move up and down by the power supply to control the opening and closing of the gate valve. It is widely used in chemical industry, coal, sugar, sewage, papermaking, fly ash treatment, bulk material transportation, use requirements of the food and beverage industry, and harsh environmental conditions in working conditions. It is an ideal sealed valve. Knife gate valve is especially suitable for regulating and throttling in the paper industry.

  The main technical parameters:

  Power supply voltage: AC220V, AC380V

  Drive mode: electric, manual

  Medium temperature: -29 ℃ — 550 ℃

  Ambient temperature: -40 ℃ — 60 ℃

  Nominal channel: DN50-DN600

  Nominal pressure: PN1.0-1.6MPa

  Valve body material: carbon steel, stainless steel, chromium molybdenum steel, etc. (special materials need to be customized)

  Sealing packing: PTFE, flexible graphite

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