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AL1401 top loading arm

Crane pipe (land-used fluid loading and unloading arm) is the dedicated device connected with pipeline and elbow with rotating joint and is used for fluid or gas transmission between loading platform and road/railway tank car; it is used to replace the old hose filling and has characteristics of high security, flexibility, economical efficiency, etc.

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Overview of crane pipe

Crane pipe (land-used fluid loading and unloading arm) is the dedicated device connected with pipeline and elbow with rotating joint and is used for fluid or gas transmission between loading platform and road/railway tank car; it is used to replace the old hose filling and has characteristics of high security, flexibility, economical efficiency, etc.

Loading apparatus

Standard and specification executed/referred for crane pipe

HG/T21608-96 Liquid Loading and Unloading Arm

GB/74-84 Specification for Design of Oil Depot

GB50160-92 Fire Prevention Specification for Petrochemical Enterprises Design

GB383601 General Requirement of Explosion-proof Electric Equipment for Explosive Atmosphere

GB7932 General Technical Condition of gas system

GB3766 General Technical Condition of Hydraulic System

GB150 Steel Pressure Vessel

GB3323-87 Radiography and Derusting Grade of Fusion Welding Joint of Steel

GB/T8932-88 Rusting Grades and Derusting Grades of Steel Surfaces Before Painting

GB/T13384-92 General Technical Condition for Mechanical And Electrical Products Packaging

Crane pipe (Introduction of partial parts for land-used fluid loading and unloading arm)

Introduction of rotating joint

The rotating joint is processed by use of precision NC machine tool, with large bearing capacity and flexible rotation, there is ideal sealing effect for liquid and gaseous medium, which can be used for normal-temperature medium, low-temperature medium, high-temperature medium and corrosive medium safely and reliably, and zero leakage is realized effectively by virtue of primary seal, secondary seal and dustproof seal. For design of rotating joint, it adopts various structural styles, including from simple steel structure to internal heating, PTFE structure liner, single raceway, double raceway and three raceway. The rotating joint can be detachable, and the replacement of seal ring can be realized easily without removal of the whole arm. The rotating joint with flanges at both sides can make maintenance and replacement easier and faster.

Primary seal ring

The primary seal ring consists of PTFE filled by graphite and stainless steel tension spring clinch with inner liner treated specifically. The seal ring adopts PTFE materials, characterized with excellent wear-resisting property, good seal effect and strong ageing resistance, etc., and the spring clinch liner is used to increase the elasticity of seal ring, after the seal surface is worn after long-term operation, corresponding compensation can be realized by spring clinch within a certain scope.

Secondary seal

Similar with the structure of primary seal, its opening direction is axial, with good compensation performance.

Dustproof seal

For dustproof seal, it is similar with secondary seal to prevent humidity and dust entering raceway.

List of order parameter

1 Platform height H MM
2 Distance between pillar center and platform center W MM
3 Distance between pillar center and edge of tank lorry L MM
4 Height of tank mouth of the smallest tank lorry H1 MM
5 Diameter of tank mouth of the smallest tank lorry D1 MM
6 Height of tank mouth of the largest tank lorry H2 MM
7 Diameter of tank mouth of the largest tank lorry D2 MM
8 Length of vertical pipe C MM
9 Connection scope X/Y MM/MM
10 Model

11 Caliber

12 Pipeline material

13 Direction of turning

14 Standard of inlet flange

15 Medium name

16 Medium temperature

17 Medium pressure

18 Medium viscosity
Match/Not match
19 Pillar
Standard pedestal/
20 Pedestal

21 Coating color

Crane tube (land use fluid handling arm) Selection
The main models are as follows:
Overall text describes the end, the following is the scope of each type of
Type AL1401 / AL1402 type top loading crane
◆ Advantage: Top tanker loading
◆ Use medium: crude oil, refined oil, chemical medium
◆ design pressure: 1.0MPa, 1.6MPa, 2.5MPa, etc.
◆ Design temperature: -196 ℃ ~ + 160 ℃
◆ Equipment specifications: Liquid nominal pipe diameter range of DN50-DN200
◆ Optional accessories: oil spill electrostatic protection, liquid level switches, quantitative loading control system (including filters, flow meters, valves, pressure gauges, temperature and pressure transmitters) etc.


Performance of crane pipe product
Rotating joint of the key component, is made of alloy steel and stainless steel. It is processed with precise NC machine tool; the embedded dual-raceway supporting structure can bear strict axial load, radial load and torque load and can rotate flexibly, reliably without leakage.
The seal has unique structure; it adopts PTFE-enhanced PTFE materials with embedded stainless steel insert; the sealing surface is polished with excellent wear-resisting property and good and reliable sealing performance.
The balancing system of spring cylinder can achieve balance at any point, which makes the alignment light and rational.
All pressure-bearing main pipelines are argon arc welded, which is fully in compliance with the HG/T21608-96 standard.
It is equipped with excellent and rational electrostatic grounding system with the electrostatic resistance less than 2Ω and reliable safety performance.
Rational construction, which archives the largest enveloping range with minimum arm dimension.
During loading and unloading operation, it can fully play flexibility with the tank car moving within the normal range.
Pipe material can be carbon steel, stainless steel, low-temperature steel, aluminum, glass fiber reinforced plastics, lined PTFE, etc.
The surface of the crane pipe is descaled by sandblast; high-quality oil paint and advanced spraying technology are used, which not only can guarantee the appearance quality, but also has extremely strong corrosion resistance.
Design or manufacture it according to left-side type or right-side type, and the structural type can also be designed specifically.
The reliable hydraulic, pneumatic or electric operation system and safety alarm system are configurable.
The automated operation and PLC control are realizable, which can be convenient for operation and maintenance.
The smart and diverse accessories are used to realize environmental protection and safety operation.
Inspect and test the crane pipe (loading and unloading arm) strictly according to HG/T21608 standard, so that each performance parameter can be guaranteed effectively.
Our company not only owns qualification in design and installation of pressure pipeline, but also executes ISO9001 quality system strictly to control the design, manufacture, installation and service of crane pipe in the whole process.

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