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AL2543 bottom loading arm

Crane is a rotating flexible tube, sealing good rotary joint and pipe series, the trestle between tankers and storage pipeline for liquid medium transport for device operation.

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Crane is a rotating flexible tube, sealing good rotary joint and pipe series, the trestle between tankers and storage pipeline for liquid medium transport for device operation.

The key component rotary joint, using precision CNC machining, containing double roller support structure, rotating flexible, lightweight and reliable. Selection of steel outer, inner lining made of stainless steel or Teflon, to ensure its safe and reliable for high temperature, low temperature, strong corrosive media.

Seal with PTFE material, lined with stainless steel elastic support ring, seal polished, has excellent self-lubricating properties and superior corrosion resistance.

Fluid loading arm

Bottoms crane tube

Crane tube (land use fluid handling arm) is connected to the pipeline using a rotary joint, elbow up, for loading station and road / rail transport liquids or gas products between specialized equipment tankers, to replace the old hose filling loaded with high security, flexibility and economy characteristics.

Medium: LPG, ammonia, dimethyl ether, high volatile chemical medium

Crane tube (land use fluid handling arm some parts description)

Rotary joint presentation

Swivel joints using precision CNC machining, large capacity, flexible rotation, for liquid and gaseous media having the desired sealing effect, can be safely and reliably used at room temperature, low temperature, high temperature, corrosive media, the primary seal and secondary seal and dust seal effective to achieve zero leakage. Rotary joint designed for a variety of structural forms, ranging from a simple structure to internal heating of steel lining PTFE structure, single roller, double and triple raceway raceway. Rotary joint is removable without disassembling the whole arm when replacing the seals, and can be easily replaced. Both sides are flanged rotary joint structure makes repairs, the replacement easier and faster.

Main ring

Main ring made of graphite filled PTFE and specially treated stainless steel liner tension spring cards. Seal with PTFE, wear resistance, good sealing effect, anti-aging, and other characteristics, in order to increase the elastic lining snap ring, when after long-term operation of the sealing surface wear, snap to a certain extent realized within the scope of compensation.

Secondary seal

And the main seal structure similar to the axial direction of the opening, has a good compensation performance.

Dust seal

Dust seal and secondary seal similar to prevent moisture and dust from entering the raceway.

AL2543 type bottom loading crane
◆ Use: This type of crane used in automotive LPG or ammonia products loading and unloading, up and down the use of the five rotary joint, generally on a gas phase, liquid phase under the front end with a special quick connector directly connected with bus interface .
◆ Applicable medium: LPG, ammonia, dimethyl ether, high volatile chemical medium
◆ design pressure: 1.0MPa, 1.6MPa, 2.5MPa, etc.
◆ Design temperature: -196 ℃ ~ + 160 ℃
◆ Equipment specifications: Liquid nominal pipe diameter range of DN50-DN200
◆ Optional accessories: oil spill electrostatic protection, liquid level switches, quantitative loading control system (flow meters, valves, pressure gauges, temperature and pressure transmitters) etc.
Bottom Loading/Unloading Arms 
1 Distance between arm riser and tankWmm
2Max.height of tank flangeH1mm
3Min.height of tank flangeH2mm
4Surge of tankX/Ymm/mm
15Materials used for pipe
5Distance between arm flange to tank centerRmm
16 RiserYes / No

17Base plate

8Left or Right Hand Design

19Auxiliary Equipment
9To tank connection

10Fuel-depot connection

2Quick coupler
11Loading/unloading Product

3Emergency release coupling

Performance crane
◆ key pieces of the rotary joint use of alloy steel and stainless steel, using precision CNC machining, built-in double raceway bearing structure, able to withstand the harshness of axial, radial and moment loads, rotating flexible, reliable, no leaks.
◆ unique ring structure, using PTFE reinforced PTFE material, embedded stainless steel frame, the sealing surface has been polished, excellent wear resistance, excellent sealing performance, reliable.
◆ spring cylinder balancing system balances at any point, so that the operation of the bit lightweight, reasonable.
◆ All pressure main pipeline welds using welding, in full compliance with HG / T 21608-96 standard.
◆ static grounding system equipped with high-quality sound, static resistance is less than 2Ω, safe and reliable performance.
◆ reasonable structure, with a minimum of arm size envelope to achieve the maximum range.
◆ loading and unloading operations, with the tankers moving in the normal range, a sufficient flexibility.
◆ pipeline material can be carbon steel, stainless steel, cold steel, aluminum, glass, steel, PTFE-lined like.
◆ crane pipe surface using sand-blasting, high-quality paint, advanced spraying process, both to ensure the good quality of appearance, but also has strong corrosion resistance.
◆ press the left or right type design manufacture, structure can be designed.
◆ Configurable reliable hydraulic, pneumatic or electric operating system, security alarm system.
◆ can realize automatic operation, PLC control, easy operation, and maintenance.
◆ A variety of accessories for smart realization of environmental protection and safe operation.
◆ crane tube (loading arm) By HG / T21608 standards for strict inspection and test, its performance parameters can be effectively guaranteed.
◆ Division I not only have a pressure pipeline design and installation qualification, strict implementation of the ISO9001 quality system, the crane's design, manufacture, installation and service control of the whole process.
Executive crane tube / standards and specifications referred to
◆ HG / T21608-96 "liquid handling arm"
◆ GB / 74-84 "oil depot design specifications"
◆ GB50160-92 "fire protection design of petrochemical enterprises"
◆ GB383601 "explosive environment with explosion-proof electrical equipment General requirements"
◆ GB7932 "pneumatic systems General technical conditions"
◆ GB3766 "Hydraulic System General technical conditions"
◆ GB150 "steel pressure vessel"
◆ GB3323-87 "steel fusion welding joints radiography and rust rating"
◆ GB / T8932-88 "steel surface before painting Rust grades and preparation grades"
◆ GB / T13384-92 "machinery and electronic products packaging technology"

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