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SCADA system

SCADA(Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition) system means data acquisition and monitoring control system

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System structure & principle

SCADA(Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition) system means data acquisition and monitoring control system, SCADA system is a computer-based production process control and scheduling automation system to achieve data acquisition, display, network release, device control, measurement, parameter adjustment, and various types of signal alarm and other functions .


System Structure Composition

The petrochemical storage SCADA system is divided into tank level monitoring systems, vagon or vehicle loading unloading management systems, oil and gas recovery systems, fire alarm and fire protection systems, perimeter systems, access control IC-card system and other subsystems.

SCADA system is divided into layers: storage and transportation system integrated management platform, main monitoring system, and on-site main instruments. Therefore, the scope as follows:


SCADA system Structure


Configuration of Units in SCADA System

1. ERP or OA system

For the petrochemical storage features, Customized ERP or OA system, in the petrochemical storage has a very

good practicality.


Network structure diagram of petrochemical storage ERP system


2. Upper computer system configuration and function

The upper computer system include


Standard structure is as follow


3.PLC or DCS, SIS core controller unit section


PLC core control unit usually use SIEMENS, GE, AB, etc.

For the storage system of large-scale projects, PLC generally requires the use of medium and large equipment, PLC main control equipment using a hard redundant dual-machine hot standby structure, CPU Modules, power modules, Ethernet modules, and networks are all configured in a redundant manner. Failure of any one master control device does not cause system defects, and the redundant switch over must achieve a bump-less switch over.


4. The main instruments on site

In order to meet the liquid level, temperature, pressure and data monitoring of the petrochemical storage tank field, and in order to meet the entire production process and safety control functions of the petrochemical storage and transportation system, the field core instrument includes the liquid level, temperature, Pressure, control valves, transfer pumps and other equipments.

Liquid level gauge

The liquid level metering system is an important part of the petrochemical storage SCADA system. Generally, other level gauges such as radar or servo are installed in the tank. The metering accuracy of the level gauge is based on actual demand, with multi-point thermometer, pressure transformer, etc.. The single point current signal mode or serial communication mode is generally used between the liquid level meter and the system.

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