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Oil and gas recovery system

Oil and gas are produced in the process of oil production,storage,transportation and handling.

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Brief introduction

The volatilization of oil and gas not only causes serious loss of oil products but also affects the quality of the atmosphere and the health of the human body, and brings many safety hazards. The oil vapor recovery device separates volatile organic compounds (VOCs) by physical methods, such as condensation, adsorption, and membrane separation at a certain temperature and pressure.

The oil and gas recovery oil and gas is a volatile organic compound gas produced during the loading process of gasoline, naphtha, aviation kerosene, solvent oil, aromatic hydrocarbons or similar oils in petrochemical enterprises and petroleum and liquid chemicals warehouses.

The necessity of oil vapor recovery

With the deterioration of the global environment and increasing awareness of environmental protection, Government has successively introduced a series of environmental protection policies. Mandatory regulations must set up an oil vapor recovery system to recycle the volatile oil vapor in storage tanks, loading and unloading facilities, and ship and other storage and transportation facilities to prevent atmospheric pollution.

Oil vapor recovery fundamental and purpose

According to the "Law of the People's Republic of China on Prevention and Control of Atmospheric Pollution" and the "Safety Production Law of the People's Republic of China", it has fully achieved ((Standard for Emission of Air Pollution from Oil Storage Depots) (GB20950-2007), ((Emission Standard for Steam by Air Pollutants)) ( Gb20951-2007), ((Gas Station Air Pollutant Emission Standards)) (G B20952-2007), ((Petrochemical Industry Pollutant Emission Standards) (GB31571-2015) Standard Requirements, Ensure Stable Standard Compliance with Emission Standards, Ensure Stability Discharge.

Recovery system can be customized according to the emission standard of the country where user is located


Adsorption + absorption principle and process

Activated carbon selective adsorption, to achieve the separate oil and gas from air. Activated carbon can be desorption regeneration, the use of dry vacuum pump vacuum process, desorption of oil and gas through the absorption tower for recycling. The absorbent used in the absorption tower is the low-grade gasoline or light diesel oil in the storage tank area. Kerosene may also be used.


Adsorption + absorption device main configuration


Adsorption + absorption device features

Activated carbon is used as an adsorbent material. The adsorbent has large adsorption capacity, high hardness, and a small pressure drop, so that the adsorption capacity is maintained at a good stability.

The use of import brand dry vacuum pumps and associated frequency conversion regulators enables the system to have lower energy consumption, lower equipment losses and higher vacuum degree, and the regeneration of the adsorbent is more thorough each time,which technically guarantees the adsorbent's The stability of the technical parameters over the service life and lifetime.Condensate adsorption method technology principle

The condensation + adsorption process combination first condenses the oil and gas to a -75C (dividable multi-stage cooling), the basic condensing and recovery of C3 and above alkanes, the recovery rate of 80-85%, a small amount of residual alkanes to the adsorption system adsorption recovery treatment, after adsorption Qualified air emissions are met; after desorption, a small amount of oil and gas returns to the system inlet loop. The recovery rate can reach more than 97%. The setting of cooling temperature is designed according to different working conditions.


Application scope


Economic benefits

Low investment

The device is a one-off investment. In the later period, energy consumption does not need to be reinvested.

High return

As an example,Taking the oil storage capacity of the oil storage tank as 500,000 tons/year , the oil and gas volatilization amount is 500m³/h. The oil recovery rate is calculated at 0.08% (oil and gas concentration 20%), and the annual recoverable oil quantity is about 500,000 tons*0.08%=400 tons. If the price of gasoline is calculated at 5,000 RMB / ton (3.6 RMB / liter), the value of gasoline recovered annually is 2 million yuan.

The actual operating power of the deep-flow AWVR-500 oil and gas recovery is about 100kw/h, and the energy consumption of the 400-ton oil recovery unit is about 100kw/h*1400h=140,000 kilowatts, if it is 1 RMB/kw.h for industrial electricity.

Working life

The overall working life of the device is >15 years; all components are serviceable & repairable.


Product advantages


Product advantages

The company has rich R&D and design experience in the structure of chemical armored products. The structure of the products is integrated, the equipment covers a small area and the installation is convenient. And equipped with a self-developed control system, can achieve full automation control to make the equipment run perfectly reflected;

Good security

The oil and gas recovery process is all carried out at low temperatures. The lower the temperature, the lower the safety hazard of oil and gas generation. The system is equipped with multiple protections, all of which are equipped with explosion-proof equipment, which reduces the safety hazard.

Easy operation

Short process flow, simple process, easy operation and maintenance.

Intuitive effect

The liquid state gasoline oil can be recovered immediately, and can be directly dispatched. The unit is equipped with a meter to display the oil and gas recovery in real time.

Intuitive effect

The company has sales offices in various regions of the country and sets up a special sales service organization. The company will arrange related professionals to be responsible for the correct and timely use of the teaching. To prevent users from using improperly and cause unnecessary losses, during the use of the product The company will send related technical personnel to the grassroots to provide technical guidance to users. Make sure you are using this product to make it safe and secure for users.

Oil and gas recovery selection

Oil and gas recovery unit
AWVROil and gas recovery unit
Processing capacity
Process method
BAdsorption method
CCondensation method
BCAdsorption condensation method
CBCondensation adsorption
Adsorption type
TActivated carbon adsorption
DResin adsorption

The on-site example as follow


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