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Split type quantitative loading controller (wall mounted)

Brief description:AWZ series explosion-proof split type quantitative loading control instrument(hereinafter referred to as split type quantitative loading control instrument).

Brief description:AWZ series explosion-proof split type quantitative loading control instrument(hereinafter referred to as split type quantitative loading control instrument),reasonable layout,it can be used with flowmeter,thermometer,liquid level switch,grounding switch,control valve and upper computer And supporting,constitute a complete distributed quantitative loading control system.This product is divided into two upper and lower explosion-proof cabinets,each with independent functions,which can be applied to the installation of various protective cabinets.



1.Make the operation area and display area separate into one box,industrial-grade programmable controller(PLC)and terminal block to make another box installation layout more flexible,especially suitable for inclined cabinet loading control instrument

2.5.7-inch color LCD display,the display is more intuitive and clear

3.It is possible to realize simultaneous loading control of multiple machines.

4.Built-in IC card reader

5.Using intrinsically safe membrane buttons,pressing feels good,durable,higher IP rating

6.Simple structure and extremely stable performance

7.Modular design and easy maintenance

8.Provide standard RS485 and RJ45 communication interfaces,which can fully realize Ethernet communication between the controller and the host computer system.There is no need to add conversion equipment in the middle.RJ45 Ethernet interface is adopted,and the communication speed can reach 10~100M.

9.Provide standard MODBUSRTU and TCP/IP protocols for easy networking,configuration,and communication with other PLCs,DCS,etc.

10.Provide pulse input,Al,AO,DI,DO,and other data acquisition interfaces,with a wide range of applications.

Equipment structure

1.Industrial programmable controller(PLC)

2.Industrial-grade integrated LCD operating terminal

3.Built-in IC card reader

4.Other industrial accessories

Application field

1.Quantitative loading and loading of liquid materials in petroleum,chemical,pharmaceutical and other industries

2.Quantitative control of quantitative ingredients and other processes in the production process

The main function

1.Data acquisition and quantitative control functions

2.Parameter setting,sequence control function

3.Oil spill chain,grounding chain,emergency stop chain,power failure protection

4.Remote/local loading conversion function

5.Real-time monitoring,alarm function

6.Communication networking function

7.Equipment self-test,password protection

8.Support IC card swipe function

Communication method


★RS485 communication mode:The loading controller provides RS485 interface to communicate with the host computer through the bus mode,and the communication speed is 600~115200 bps.

★RS45 Ethernet communication mode:The RS45 Ethernet interface is provided by the loading controller to communicate with the host computer through the star industrial Ethernet mode,and the communication rate is adaptive to 10~100M.

(1)Keyboard input field:24 buttons are modified to 24 stainless steel buttons.

(2)Add the split loading controller diagram and the inclined cabinet drawing under the parameter table.

Technical indicators

Control the number of loading position1~4 loading position
power supplyAC220V, 2A, 50Hz.
LCD5.7-inch color LCD module with high brightness STN
IC card readerNon-contact real-time reading, reading distance less than 50CM, support various RF cards
keyboard input24 buttons, English menu operation
Equipment self-testAutomatically detect device operating status and remotely monitor
Flow signalCan access 4 groups of 0~10KHz pulse input
Valve position signalUp to 13 switch contact valve position signals
Relay outputAC220V, 5A, can control 10 valves or pumps (expandable more)

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