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Why LNG vehicle loading crane must use cryogenic tube

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Why LNG vehicle loading crane must use cryogenic tube

Xiao Bian question in the title of this article, Inner Mongolia crane customers Sun put forward. On this issue, Xiao Bian interviewed the company's crane esoteric diagram process engineers. Listen Xiaobian slowly come to you:
First, we come to know about LNG. English Liquefied Natural Gas LNG is short, the liquefied natural gas. It is natural gas (methane CH4) purified state after the ultra-low temperature (-162 ℃, atmospheric pressure) was cooled liquefied product. Natural gas is a high quality, efficient, clean energy, LNG can be like oil safely and easily store and transport. LNG technology development, improve the competitiveness of natural gas in the world. As an "environmentally friendly" status energy, natural gas rising, the market prospect is very broad.
Under what circumstances lng car unloading crane tube use?
LNG crane tube
LNG crane tube│Loading crane
Loading crane tube manufacturers
As early as September 14, 2008, the Office of Production Safety Supervision and Management Commission of the State Council commissioned security issued [2008] 26 [Guiding Opinions on Further Strengthening dangerous chemicals production work on] Article 16 states: "In the dangerous chemicals product tankers filling areas, promote the use of universal filling piping system instead of filling hose, hose filling prohibit the use of chlorine, ammonia, liquefied petroleum gas, liquefied natural gas, liquefied hazardous chemicals. "So, LNG car You must use pipe handling crane. Due to low temperature of LNG, its car handling car loading and unloading must be used with a crane tube LNG.
LNG vehicle loading crane with the crane, also known as LNG. Unique tube LNG crane design has excellent low temperature properties, and therefore particularly suitable for handling a variety of cryogenic media, such as: liquefied natural gas (LNG), cryogenic ethylene, nitrogen and so on.
Crane tube LNG (cryogenic crane tube) Performance:
LNG crane, low loading arm (hypothermia crane control) should be able to apply the low temperature operating conditions, long life, safety and reliability.
LNG crane, low loading arm (hypothermia crane tube) should be able to ensure the realization of the connection between the loading platform and tankers to meet the fluid flow requirement.
The overall design or component selection design should consider replacing the rotary joint seals convenience. And in order to secure a job, you must prevent static electricity, friction or impact sparks.
Crane tube LNG (cryogenic crane tube) Structure:
LNG crane, low loading arm by the column, liquid arms, gas recovery arm, balance device, a nitrogen purge, antistatic equipment, rotary joints and emergency shut-off valve and other institutions.
LNG crane tube, the lower end of the column is configured with connecting plate, bolted to the loading platform 4.
LNG crane tube, sealed rotary joint requires reliable, flexible rotation and has a high strength, long service life. Seal replacement is simple and convenient. Manufacture low-temperature loading arm must have quality raw materials certificate of compliance.
Crane tube LNG (cryogenic crane control) process method:
1. The inner and outer ring raceway penthouse once processing is completed by the precision CNC lathes, to ensure dimensional accuracy
2. The inner sealing surface mirror polished stainless steel
3. The outer rings have been quenched T235
The sealing surface (metal sealing surface and seals and sealing surfaces) are made of mirror polished
5. Each step has strict inspection
6.LNG crane tube (low crane tube) pipeline welding:
All process lines are made of TIG TIG,
Weld through testing inspection, reach grade Ⅱ requirements.
   LNG cryogenic crane Which do better? Loader crane manufacturer Shenzhen Aotuweier, with stress management design and installation qualification, professional production (crane) fluid handling equipment, complete product specifications, the use of safe, reliable, light and flexible operation, easy installation and maintenance, seal superior performance, the company design and manufacture of low-temperature crane can provide good security for LNG storage and transportation.

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