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Top Skid-mounted

Top Skid-mounted Skid-mounted equipment (the literal translation of skid-mounted means being installed on the sliding bottom plate, and the meaning of “skid” is utilized); skid-mountingmeans to fix a group of equipment on a chassis made of angle iron or joist steel.

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Top Skid-mounted

  Skid-mounted equipment (the literal translation of skid-mounted means being installed on the sliding bottom plate, and the meaning of “skid” is utilized); skid-mountingmeans to fix a group of equipment on a chassis made of angle iron or joist steel, and the equipment can be moved and put into space through a crow bar and the modern hoisting equipment; skid-mounting is a form for integral combination of an equipment framework and the equipment thereof. A loading skid is an overall integrated part of an integrating loading controller, flowmeter valves, pipelines, accessory equipment, crane pipes, middle connectors and cables and cable traies on an overall steel-constructed platform with a process connector, a control power supply and a communication interface reserved only.
Skid system
Main Features:
1. Flexible and small in size
The skid-mounted equipment is optimized and designed generally in the factory and is small in size as a result. With skid-mounting is used, the equipment is made into an entirety; therefore, the equipment can be moved and relocated conveniently.
2. Integration ratio is high, installation in place is achieved and convenient maintenance is realized.
The loading skid integrates a controller, a flowmeter, valve, a pipeline, an accessory equipment, a crane pipe, a middle connecting piece, cables, cable trays, etc., and the loading skid can be installed conveniently on site as well as maintained and repaired easily.
3. The troubles of on-site installation are eliminated, cost is low, the construction period is short, normalization is high, error is less and materials are saved.
With the loading skid, the troubles of traditional on-site installation as well as the tedious work and the manufacturing time of installation of meters are removed. The loading skid can be manufactured and tested in the factory more conveniently, can be modified more easily when a problem thereof is found, and the quality of the loading skid can be ensured.

The comparison between the loading skid and traditional on-site installation

Skid system

Selection of types of the loading skid

Skid system
Types of loading skid group:
In conventional use, loading skidding group can be divided into following types according to different mediums and loading-unloading methods:
A. Bottom loading skid-mounted group
B. Top loading skid-mounted group
C. Mobile-type loading skid-mounted group
The top loading skid-mounted sets belong to skid-mounted set mostly;
Technical parameters are as follows:
For structural style of top skid-mounted set, it is the simple type.
The width of the unilateral-type loading skid is about: 0.5 to 1m, and its length is about 2 to 4.5m
For installation mode of crane pipe, it is the side-mounted type;
For the installation mode of the crane pipe and the skid-mounted set framework, it is the disconnected type;
Adaptive medium: Refined oil, crude oil, fuel oil, alcohols, tar class, acids, alkalies, phenols, ketones and benzenes, etc.;
Materials of pipelines or components connecting with the liquid: 20# Steel 20# Steel lining tetrafluoride, 304 and 316 stainless steel;
Supporting crane pipes: AL1412, AL1403 and AL1402, etc.;
Supporting flowmeters: Mass flowmeters and helical wheel flowmeter sare optional;
Flowmeters and electromagnetic flowmeters are optional;
Supporting valves: Pneumatic two-stage valves and electro-hydraulic valves are optional;
Supporting ESD oil spill protector: Integrated electrostatic oil spill protector;
Other supporting instruments: The pressure gage, and the bimetal thermometer;
Other supporting processing equipment: The expansion joint, the hand-operated valve, the stop valve, etc.
Connections: Cables, galvanized tubes, cable trays, explosion-proof flexible pipes, etc.

LNG pipeline (liquid phase)NG pipeline (Vapor phase)
Operating temperature-196℃/50℃-196℃/50℃
Design temperature-196℃/100℃-196℃/100℃
Operating pressure0.55MPa0.1—0.55Mpa
Design pressure0.88Mpa0.78MPa
Design flow60m3/h200m3/h
Factory instrument air0.5-0.7Mpa (providing 0.6MPa air source in factory)
Nitrogen purge0.4---0.8MPa (providing 0.7MPa air source in factory) Ambient temperatureAmbient temperature
Dangerous zoneZONE1
Ex gradeNot less than EXdii BT4
Protection levelNot less than IP65

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