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Quantitative loading control system integrators esoteric Figure 2015 National Day holiday (organized) notification

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Quantitative loading control system integrators esoteric Figure 2015 National Day holiday (organized) notification

2015 to celebrate the occasion of National Day, according to the "State Council on the 2015 part holiday arrangements," which combined with the actual situation in FIG esoteric, esoteric diagram of the 2015 National Day holiday arrangements are as follows, led by the research department decided that the company plans hereby inform esoteric all members and departments.
National day
2015 National Day
1. The National Day seven days holidays:
2015 年 October 1 to October 7 holiday, a total of seven days. Where on October 1 日 (星期三) October 2 日 (星期四) October 3 日 (星期五) as the National Day holidays of October 4 日 (星期六) October 5 日 (星期日) sabbatical. 9 月 28 日 (星期日) October 11 日 (星期六) sabbatical were adjusted to 10 月 6 日 (星期一) October 7 日 (星期二); 10 月 8 日 (Thursday) October 9 (Friday ) October 10 日 (星期六) work properly.
2. During the National Day arrangements:
① 2015 National Day holiday seven days long vacation schedule, you can arrange to go traveling, visiting relatives and friends, to relax during the holiday, such as when leaving the work place, travel, visiting friends, please pay attention to the road and property Personal safety.
② various departments before and after September 30 at 18:00 pm be sure to do the security work of self-examination before the holidays, a holiday leave to turn the power off, lock the doors and windows, to ensure safety.
③ profound duty during the National Day Graph Company Xiaojing Li: 18033424683 QQ 2850788033 Song Jingli: 18025308408 QQ 2850788076.
All departments should properly arrange holidays during ④ good on duty and security, defense, etc., in case of a major emergency occurs, according to the provisions of timely reporting and proper disposal, consult your colleagues should seriously carry out safety hazards investigation work, dormitories attention to fire safety, theft and so on.
⑤ after the end of the holiday on October 8 日 (星期四) normal work, invited all the members at the end of the holiday devoted myself to the work and life.
Wish Happy 66th birthday of the motherland, thanks to new and old customer service has been on quantitative loading control system integrators esoteric diagram attention and support, in order to give you a better job with customers and improve the service quality of the company's holiday period If you have any questions and exchange work, please work closely with each of our duty. Finally, I wish everyone a happy holiday.
Notice is hereby
Aotuwarer Technology Co., Ltd. of Shenzhen City
September 30, 2015

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