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PX project in Zhangzhou, Fujian explosion, highlighting quantitative loading control system security features become increasingly important

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PX project in Zhangzhou, Fujian explosion, highlighting quantitative loading control system security features become increasingly important

In recent years, the rapid development of China's petrochemical industry, economic growth and industrial technological progress has played a huge role in promoting, but the production of transportation safety issues within the industry has been also been controversial, because errors in the production process of oil transportation in the environment caused by pollution and property damage has occurred frequently, to the development of the petrochemical industry has brought tremendous negative impact, Shenzhen Science and Technology Co., Ltd. developed AWZC Aotuweier automatically distributed quantitative loading control system is in this form should be shipped Health, and efforts to protect the healthy development and production of transport safety petrochemical industry.
April 6, 2015 in the afternoon, took place in ancient Leiteng Long Zhangzhou PX aromatics project explosion caused great concern to the community, the incident resulted in many injuries and significant property damage, according to Zhangzhou Gulei Emergency Command Center Video Surveillance Survey show, the accident caused by a spill fire Dragon 33 aromatics plant and surrounding atmospheric residue tank occurs by the Fujian Provincial People's Armed Police Fire Corps for four days of fighting, the fire caused by the explosion was able to extinguish. Zhangzhou PX project explosion occurred, once again that there are still many problems in the production process in China's petrochemical industry, transportation, strengthen the construction of oil production and transportation security has become essential.
    Esoteric map as a quantitative loading control system engaged in production and development for 13 years of professional integrators, its R & D AWZC distributed automatic quantitative loading control system is controlled by the loading, flow meters, thermometers, level switches, grounding switches, control automation quantitative hair oil system consisting of valve, explosion-proof LED large screen, PC, etc., can achieve hair oil process automation, loading above the highest ensure accuracy ± 0.1%, can effectively improve production efficiency. In terms of security, AWZC distributed automatic quantitative loading control system is also due to have a number of advantages as follows function and technology, and the industry has been widely recognized and adopted: 1 Safety alarm protection, enabling all kinds of fault alarm, electrostatic oil spill and emergency stop protection; 2. loading process monitoring, online monitoring of each crane position the hair oil state; 3 off loading functions can be easily switched to the scene when the PC is not operating in situ loading. In addition, the system by using the new universal filling crane instead of the traditional hose, hose handling effectively avoid the traditional car because the hose rupture may lead to spills, but also greatly improve the security of a job loading and unloading trucks. And with AWZC distributed quantitative loading control system automatically matches skid system, it is by a high degree of standardization, put an end to the traditional on-site installation of instrumentation installation, cabling and equipment installation problems, greatly improving the stability , reducing installation costs, petrochemical industry, production of transport safety is a fundamental guarantee.
    Thus, esoteric FIG AWZC automatically distributed quantitative loading control system with many features and technologies are in the security effort for the production of petrochemical industry, transportation services. Facts have proved that since the provisions of the State issued a document on the 26th of hazardous chemicals, loading and unloading trucks to be equipped with loading control system, the domestic large number of petrochemical companies have chosen with a profound FIG AWZC automatically distributed quantitative loading control system, often due before loading car scene oil spills, fires caused by static electricity caused by damage to business equipment, as well as due to leakage caused by volatilization staff health injuries are greatly reduced, and thus to protect the environment played a significant role in promoting.
As we all know, the petrochemical industry is related to people's livelihood important basic industries, petrochemical production and transport safety and even a direct impact on people's living environment and the safety of life and property, according to relevant statistics, Zhangzhou PX project before the explosion, CNOOC Huizhou refining Factory, Dalian Fujia, Liaoyang Petrochemical, PX device Shanghai Jinshan Petrochemical also had a similar fire incidents, repeated occurrence of such incidents, shows that China's petrochemical industry's emphasis on production and transportation security issues still need to be strengthened, and related technology and equipment should also continue to upgrade and improve the finish. Figure esoteric believe that only efforts to change the mode of operation and philosophy, and increase production and transportation of oil and chemical industry safety construction investment, similar incidents will not happen again, in order to avoid unnecessary loss of life and property, and thus triggered environment pollution and ecological damage problems can be eased, economic development will be sustainable development.

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