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Loading apparatus

The batch controller is a wall-mounted or cabinet-type structure with an industrial-grade intelligent controller PLC.

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The batch controller is a wall-mounted or cabinet-type structure with an industrial-grade intelligent controller PLC. The buttons on the controller cabinet panel adopt moisture-proof and corrosion-proof stainless steel intrinsically safe keys, and the display terminal adopts an industrial-grade integrated LCD screen. Relative to the micro-controller integrated circuit has the advantages of high reliability, flexible configuration, convenient expansion, and easy maintenance.

Loading controller function

  •        Quantitative loading control

  • IC card management function Parameter setting function Flow stability control function Overflow protection

  • Grounding protection

  • Power-down protection

  • Data collection function

  • Valve continuous control function

  • On-site emergency stop function

  • Remote and local real-time monitoring

  • Remote/in-place loading mode conversion function On-site instrument power supply function Communication networking function

  • Device self-test function

  • Operation permission setting

  • IC card reading function

  • Temperature pressure compensation


The technical parameters of the loading controller are as follow

Technical Parameters
Control the number of loading arm 1~4 loading postion
Power supply110~240VAC,2A,50Hz
LCDHigh brightness STN liquid crystal display module.
IC card functionWith lC card operation function
keyboard input24 keys, English menu operation or other language
Equipment self-testAutomatically detect device operating status and remotely monitor
Flow signalCan be connected to 4 groups of 0~10KHz pulse input or two 4~20mA analog signals
Valve position signalUp to 12 switch contact valves can be connected to his signal
Relay outputAC220V, SA, can control 10 valves or pumps (expandable more)
PID adjustment outputAO regulated output for adjustment of at least one PID loop
System accuracy Depending on the accuracy of flow meter
Operation modeContinuous operation 24 hours a day, can be operated locally or remotely
Working temperature-40℃~70℃
Storage temperature-30℃~80℃
Relative humidity0-95%
Setting range0~9999999Kg
Communication interfaceRS232,RS485 or RJ45
Communication protocol  Modbus RTU (serial port}, TCP/IP (Ethernet)
Communication rate10Mbps(Ethernet), 600 ~ 115200 bps(serial port)
Mean time between failuresMTBF > 100,000 hours(11 years)
Explosion-proof signExdllBT6(IP65), ATEX Certificate
InstallationWall-mounted \cabinet type
Dimension300 (length) x 400 (height) x 150 (deep) 
MaterialAluminum, Stainless steel

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