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Host computer loading system

Host computer system for process operation and monitoring,equipment status monitoring,equipment fault monitoring and confirmation,graphical dynamic display,on-site inspection point display,detection and alarm,process parameter setting,valve remote control,process trend display and storage,faults and production report printing.

Host computer system for process operation and monitoring,equipment status monitoring,equipment fault monitoring and confirmation,graphical dynamic display,on-site inspection point display,detection and alarm,process parameter setting,valve remote control,process trend display and storage,faults and production report printing.


The configuration software used by the operation station is the company's independent development of AWZ-V-1.0.As an operator station,its main functions include:

Host computer system structure

The structure of the host computer system is designed as the structure of the BS.The B/S structure(Browser/Server,browser/server mode)is a network structure mode after the rise of WEB.The WEB browser is the most important application software for the client.This mode unifies the client and centralizes the core part of the system's functional implementation to the server,simplifying system development,maintenance,and use.Just install a browser on the client,such as Internet Explorer.

The server installs the SQL Server database and installs software for developing functions such as data acquisition,storage,monitoring,and management.The browser interacts with the database through the Web Server.When using the management software,the client user needs to log in to the user.The management software can divide the user.Different users have different permissions.The operation of the software is also related to the permission.For example,the login monitoring management system can only log in.Displaying the screen related to the loading monitoring management,the operator can perform the operations related to the business on the above.After the user of the access control system logs in,only one screen can be viewed,that is,the comparison information after the driver swipes the card is displayed,and the access control operator according to the The information determines whether it is released.

Host computer system software function design

The software development function is divided into blocks.Each function block has an operation menu.Each menu is layered.Each layer corresponds to a business process.The entire software interface is simple and user-friendly.Each function block is set for different operation users.After logging in to the user on the system,the functions that cannot be operated are blocked according to the user rights.The user cannot enter the function block to operate.The operable functions are displayed normally,and the user can enter the function block to perform business process operations.

The host computer operation station mainly completes system management(operator login,operator management,vehicle management,loading oil management,database management,etc.),report statistics query(daily report,monthly report,classified query report),billing record management,Event record query,operation record query,online monitoring of loading process(loading overview,crane position setting,real-time alarm,loading record storage),single crane loading control operation(invoicing,ticketing,suspension,Reset)

Introduction to the main functions of the host computer system software

Single oil loading process monitoring function:mainly refers to a quantitative loading instrument to carry out only one oil loading on one tank truck.

Liquefied gas loading process monitoring function:The liquefied gas loading process can be completed by using a weighbridge or flowmeter as a metering instrument,generally using multi-pipe ratio loading.

The monitoring function of the bin loading process:the binning loading mainly refers to loading a car with multiple bins of one tanker at the same time,and one loading instrument simultaneously controls a plurality of loading arms.

Single oil loading system function:Single oil loading system only inputs one set amount and other loading information,and the loading device completes the loading process according to a single set amount.

Liquefied gas loading and unloading system function:The liquefied gas loading and unloading system is generally composed of multiple pipelines,and the loading process is completed according to a certain set ratio.

Separate warehouse loading and unloading function:the sub-warehouse loading is generally more for the loading of refined oil,one tank truck is divided into multiple warehouses,generally up to 5 warehouses,each warehouse loading different oils,but when loading It is required to make only one order,and the loading process is automatically completed in sequence by a loading instrument according to the serial number of each bin.

Loading report query function:loading report sub-day report,monthly report and classified query report:staff with operation authority can query the daily report,monthly report and classified query report of loading.

Screen display function

The operator station has the following types of screens:

Menu screen

The picture menu is organized by technology partition,and the corresponding menu is switched to the corresponding picture or picture group by mouse.

Flow chart screen

The process information is displayed in the form of a flow chart similar to the buyer,and an operation window is provided to operate any of the control loops.The system is equipped with a standard symbol library,which can specify the color,blinking and display mode of the symbol as needed.Support for dynamic symbols,customizable symbol library.The configuration software provides editing tools,and the screen editor allows you to edit the process flow pictures required by the buyer.

The process information displayed on the flow chart can reach more than 20,000,and the minimum refresh rate of information.

Control group screen

Displays information such as variable values,set values,output values,control methods(manual/automatic),and high and low alarm limits in a form similar to a conventional adjustment table or indicator.Variables can be updated once per second.

Grouping can be done arbitrarily,and the cuts can overlap.Each variable has a 16-character name and an 80-character description.

The operator can call up any variable(digital or analog)information from the group screen.For analog circuits,it is possible to operate and switch between set values,output values,control methods,and so on.For the digital loop,an on/off command,or a start/stop sequence can be issued for the two-state device,and the screen should show the command status and the actual status.

Loop parameter screen

Display all information of any specified control point,such as variable value,set value,output value,operation mode and historical trend,as well as parameters modified by engineers such as tuning parameters,alarm values,and algorithm types.The analog and digital loops should also be operable from the parameter screen.

Trend graph display

The operator station can display at least four variables on a screen with different colors and time intervals.The variables can be arbitrarily selected and combined with zooming and scrolling functions.The trend screen includes a moving cursor and data area that displays the digital values at which the trend curves intersect the cursor line.The X and Y coordinates of the trend screen can be selected between adaptive and set.The time of the adjacent resolution point can be set to 1 second,and the maximum trend recording time can be one year.The trend graph has various data forms such as average value display,maximum value display,and minimum value display.

Real-time trends and historical trends that display multiple or multiple simultaneous measurement points can be displayed.

It can display historical trends such as 8 hours,24 hours,1 week,1 month,and half a year.

The drag function is set on the trend graph to display the specific value at a certain moment in detail.

Different points on the same trend graph can be distinguished by different colors.

Alarm summary screen

It includes all alarm points and lists all the most recent alarms in chronological order.Each alarm information includes alarm information,bit number,confirmation status,alarm date,time,and normal scheduled time.Unconfirmed alarm points show a bright red and flash.

The operation station has a window function,which can display a variety of windows at the same time,and the above types of screens can be arbitrarily combined.

All operation screens and display screens of the operation station are displayed in full Chinese.

Alarm function

The system can generate the following types of alarms:

◆Process alarm:including absolute value alarm,deviation alarm,change speed alarm,etc.

◆Fault alarm:including diagnostic alarm and backup hardware fault alarm,etc.

◆Chain action alarm

◆Emergency stop alarm:alarm when emergency stop button is pressed in case of emergency

◆Other custom alarms

Different alarm levels can be divided according to severity and priority,and different levels of alarms have different manifestations.

Alarms can be expressed in the following ways on the monitoring system:

◆Text prompt:The corresponding alarm information is displayed in text at the location where the alarm occurs and on the alarm screen.

◆Color change:identify different alarms in different colors in the location where the alarm occurs and on the alarm screen

◆Sound alarm:When an alarm occurs,the system will reflect the alarm in audio form.

◆Blinking:At the location where the alarm occurs,the corresponding measuring point object flashes,prompting the operator to generate an alarm here.

◆All generated alarms are automatically logged into the database when the alarm is generated.

◆All generated alarms can be confirmed and sold on the alarm screen.

◆All alarms can be displayed in Chinese on the alarm screen.

◆The limits of high,high,low,low,high rate of change,set deviation(adjustable dead zone),etc.can be manually set.

Data storage and processing functions

For real-time measuring point data,operation records,alarm records,etc.,the monitoring system can automatically log in to the database.

In the database,the data can also be stored in different tables,sorted according to different requirements,and so on.

Chain and production process operation control functions

At the operation station,it is possible to control on-site controlled equipment such as valves to realize automatic management of the tank area.Has a good man-machine interface,all control commands have information prompts.

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