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Fork Liquid Level Switch

AW-JY-01 ESD Oil Spill Protector’s main control circuit is designed with a highly-integrated dedicated chip and voltage monitoring circuit scheme; high integration, powerful anti-interference ability, and stable and reliable performance; the Protector’s alarm outputs dry-contact signals, which can be easily accessed to other control systems. The Protector is widely used for control of fluid distribution processes in petroleum, chemical, food and other industries. It is applicable to static grounding detection as well as oil spill protection and alarm in delivery of top-mounted filling pipes, as well as protection and alarm in delivery of bottom-mounted filling pipes without oil spill. It can effectively prevent accidents caused by static electricity and avoid oil spill accidents in the process of loading to ensure safe operations in oil depots, chemical plants and other dangerous places. Moreover, it is especially applicable to occasions with frequent transfer of flammable and explosive liquid petrochemical products, such as:
1. Fuel oil loading system (including loading of rail tankers and road tankers)
2. Sealed loading of liquid benzenes and HCs
3. Ganned system for other petrochemical products
Product Features
1. Interlocking function, third parties can not work (cannot open valves and pumps, etc.) if static grounding connection is not reliable;
2. Single-chip computer provides stable and reliable system performances;
3. For failure self-detection of the liquid level switch, sending audible and visual alarms in case of failure, and easy to operate and use;
4. Provide audible and visual alarms for timely identification of problems for field staff to ensure safe loading;
5. Provide switching dry-contact signals reflecting the liquid level and static grounding status for the use of third-party systems;
6. Associated apparatus with explosion-proof housing, output control circuit, primary instrument and its processing circuit use intrinsically safe circuits

Technical indicators
Supply voltageAC 220V 50Hz or DC 24V
Working temperatureFork body -30~150°C Instrument -30~70°C
Working pressureless than 2MPa
Medium densitythe lowest 0.6g/cm
Action pointInsert water approximately 25mm vertically
Output methodone after the fan output (AC 220W3A, DC 30W3A)
Output delay1~20 seconds adjustable
Sensitivity10 levels can be set
Power consumptionless than 1W
Fittings2S- Two-position single-acting actuator, fault location: closed R1 Taper Thread

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