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China qualified quantitative loading system supplier should have the basic conditions

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China qualified quantitative loading system supplier should have the basic conditions

What are the necessary qualifications for the supplier and the product of China's quantitative loading system? How to identify true and false? The main method is mainly from the following several aspects of the loading system supplier qualification documents are complete, the local industrial and commercial bureau website, the Chinese organization code certificate website query and other methods.
Loading system
Loading system
  China quantitative loading system supplier
  The basic conditions for the qualified supplier of the system in China
  (a) having the ability to have a legal person of a legal person and have the ability to bear civil liabilities independently;
  (two) to comply with the laws and regulations of the state and have good business reputation;
  (three) the registered capital of the business sector is required to have sufficient funds to complete the procurement program;
  (four) having a fixed production or business premises;
  (five) with the necessary production and construction and technical equipment facilities, the necessary organization, inspection capabilities, and the perfect business control procedures;
  (six) the ability to sign and perform the contract, with good business practices and performance records;
  (seven) products, commodities, works and services have the ability to compete, good after-sales service.
  (eight) the goods, works or services provided in line with the national industrial policy and national environment and safety standards;
  (nine) complete with a business license, tax registration certificate, legal code certificate, and the annual effective;
  (10) special industry should has corresponding professional qualification and relevant departments of the state issued qualification certificates, network license or other certificate;
  (eleven) the manufacturer must have the product's production license, product certification, safety inspection report and other relevant conditions;
  (twelve) an agent must have a certificate of authorization for the production or sale of a general agent;
  (13) submitted by all the qualification documents, reports, statements must ensure that they are authentic and effective, not forge, alter, borrowing situation; important materials, projects and services, the supplier must provide true original qualification;
  (fourteen) other special conditions determined by the company.
  Two. Loading system supplier qualification file basic directory
Quantitative loading control system integrator
  1, a copy of the business license (for instance)
  2, a copy of the tax registration certificate
  3, legal person organization code certificate copy
  4, the legal representative of personal resume and ID card copy
  5, marketing representatives of personal resume and ID card copy
  6, a particular industry, such as pressure vessel, heavy, electrical appliances, construction and installation, etc.) with the national authorities issued the qualification certificate and production permit or a network card, and the annual effective;
  7, quality system certification certificate copy
  8, the agent's proxy certificate or agreement
  9, plans to enter the Hualu Hengsheng products into two identical with same specification mining or similar products, engineering and service performance table (performance table should include the use of specifications, quantity, operation or use, contact, contact way), and 3 copies of the above representative contract copies
  10, other documents (such as bank credit rating, honorary title, etc.)
  11, the audited financial report for the past two years
  Three. There are many ways to identify the quality of a company's capital quantitative loading system, the following 5 common identification methods can be used for reference:
  First, log on to the local industrial and commercial bureau website, there are companies on the column, to verify whether the business license of the enterprise.
  Second, log on to the China organization code certificate website, check the organization code certificate.
  Third, Baidu search under the company, see there is too much negative news (Shenzhen is a profound picture of high-tech industries, the government's recognition; and every year to do charity).
  Fourth, call the other company to understand the basic situation to judge true and false (0755-83563481, welcome to call at any time).
   Fifth, to quantitative loading system integrator factory field inspection (Shenzhen office building, or the Hubei plant are welcome to visit the factory.

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