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Batch controller (batch controller) is a distributed quantitative loading control system for the distribution of explosive type.

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Batch controller (batch controller) is a distributed quantitative loading control system for the distribution of explosive type.

In automatic quantitative loading control system, quantitative loading control instrument is also called batch controller (batch controller). The control system plays a key role in the loading process. To improve work efficiency and ensure the safety of operation, it is very important to select a suitable batch controller (batch controller).
Loading apparatus
Loading apparatus
Control circuit diagram of quantitative loading control system
It has been a very popular type of distributed quantitative loading control system, which is very popular with the industry customers. Why is it so popular? The following is the loading system equipment manufacturers Shenzhen autoware batch control instrument (group control unit) Li Jigong, for your doubts adhere to the "customers choose to use flameproof type distributed quantitative loading control device.
One, application domain:
1 the oil, chemical, pharmaceutical and other industries of the liquid material quantitative loading, loading barrels;
2 quantitative and quantitative control of production process
Two, the main characteristics:
1 simple structure, stable performance
2 modular design, easy maintenance
Two provide standard RS485 and RJ45 3 communication interface
4 to provide the standard MODBUSRTU and TCP/IP protocol, easy networking, configuration, and other PLC, DCS, and other communication systems
5 provide pulse input, AI, AO, DI, DO, and a variety of data acquisition interface, the use of a wide range of
Quantitative control instrument
Loading device
Loading device
Three, the main function:
1 data acquisition, quantitative control function
2 parameter setting, sequence control function
3 oil spills, chain, chain, emergency stop chain, power down protection
4 remote / local loading transfer function
5 real-time monitoring, alarm function
6 communication network function
7 device self-test, password protection function
Four, equipment structure:
1 industrial grade core intelligent controller
2 industrial grade integrated LCD screen
3 other industrial accessories
  Shenzhen Otto weir manufacturers across the burst type distributed quantitative loading control instrument is a to intelligent controller is the core of the new intelligent flameproof type instrument, the core components by world famous brands of intelligent controller and terminal operation, combined with the general industrial control configuration software and the advanced control algorithm, has high precision, reliable performance, easy maintenance and use. Its performance is stable, safe and efficient, easy to maintain, and many other advantages have been well received, so a set of vehicle system equipment, the control device (batch reactor) selected for the best.

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