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AL1204 bottom loading arm

Bottoms crane tube, also known as the bottom of the crane, mainly used in skid-mounted liquid medium transport station and road, rail tankers between for the current advanced TAS international oil system on the bottom of the hair, it can achieve rapid docking.

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Bottoms crane tube, also known as the bottom of the crane, mainly used in skid-mounted liquid medium transport station and road, rail tankers between for the current advanced TAS international oil system on the bottom of the hair, it can achieve rapid docking, increase safety, improve loading efficiency; because the use of imported dry valve, while oil and gas at the time of loading and unloading media use, can greatly reduce the damage when run off the liquid, for multi-compartment while loading.

Fluid loading arm

Bottoms crane tube

AL1204 Bottoms sealed tube crane advantages:

1. Eliminate security risks

The impact on the bottom of the tank top loading, will generate a lot of static electricity, a security risk. The crane can download a sealed liquid static loading, avoiding the impact of body fluid and greatly reduce static electricity.

2. Reduce chemical pollution

Crane sealed tube to reduce the impact of volatile oil and gas not oil production, greatly reducing the volatile oil and gas, the protection of the environment. Top loading of the seal can not be achieved actual fundamentally closed, because the top of the tanker into the hole does not rule; and sealed by quick connector tube crane in loading process in conjunction with the new tanker loading can achieve closed; closed bottom loading and unloading recyclable 95% of oil and gas produced in the loading and unloading.

3. easy to operate

Crane sealed tube distal end use quick connector and tanker docking, enabling field staff to operate the equipment program is simple, personnel actions on the ground can be completed; avoid loading crane at the top of the pipe needs to operate on a trestle and aerial tanker operations. Also one can download crane mounted multi-warehouse multi-species, and top-mounted crane For loading the same variety, the tanker to be shifted several times to extend the loading time, reducing production efficiency, improve the loading costs (When a mobile fuel tankers and artificial). Also, downloading a sealed tube without opening the cover crane, avoiding contamination of rain, snow and other debris.

4. Automatic control

Crane crane tube sealed tube using a mechanical part and automation to pay the oil system (such as pumps, flowmeters, electro-hydraulic valve, anti-static system) as a whole, so that the degree of automation to improve loading crane operator in a cargo once input Quantitative information can be simultaneously mounted hair oil 1-4 varieties.


Closed loading and unloading of oil and gas recovery and reasonable use of special crane can make different kind of oil or toxic materials obtained efficiently collect and store in airtight during loading and unloading trucks, so that the material has been collected to focus, has a good environmental benefits, social and economic benefit, in full compliance with the requirements of national energy conservation policy and building a resource-saving and environment-friendly society.

Bottom Loading/Unloading Arms 
1 Distance between arm riser and tankWmm
2Max.height of tank flangeH1mm
3Min.height of tank flangeH2mm
4Surge of tankX/Ymm/mm
15Materials used for pipe
5Distance between arm flange to tank centerRmm
16 RiserYes / No

17Base plate

8Left or Right Hand Design

19Auxiliary Equipment
9To tank connection

10Fuel-depot connection

2Quick coupler
11Loading/unloading Product

3Emergency release coupling

AL1204 type bottom loading crane
◆ the bottom of the bottom of the loading crane advanced hair oil installations internationally, for multi-compartment while loading, three or four arm above arm design with quick dry-header, it can achieve rapid docking, increase security, improve loading efficiency; at the same time use in oil and gas media handling, can greatly reduce the loss of fluid when disconnected for long positions while loading, reducing labor costs.
◆ Equipment specifications: liquid conduit nominal diameter DN100
◆ Optional accessories: oil spill electrostatic protection, liquid level switches, quantitative loading control system (flow meters, valves, pressure gauges, temperature and pressure transmitters) etc.

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