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2015 New Advertising Law Implementing Rules felt good to quantitative loading instrument can not say

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2015 New Advertising Law Implementing Rules felt good to quantitative loading instrument can not say

2015 New Advertising Law on September 1 the full implementation of the new Advertising Law Implementing Rules lot of people are looking for, modify the content of the new advertising law and how much it changed compared with 2014? 2015 implementation of the new Advertising Law Rules let small Dungan quantitative loading control device is now good enough to not say.
From September 1, the new Advertising Law will be formally implemented. The new law compared with the existing law on advertising, modify greatly, involving a wide range of original content and a lot of regulations was expanded and refined, reflecting the comprehensive deepening reform, and effectively adjust the government functions, strengthen market supervision requirements.
Post ban tobacco advertising in mass media and public places
The new law further increased the intensity of strict control on tobacco advertising, explicitly prohibits the mass media or in public places, public transport, outdoor tobacco advertising publication. It prohibits sending any form of tobacco advertising to minors.
Meanwhile, in order to avoid the release of disguised tobacco advertising, the new law added a provision prohibiting the use of other goods or services, public advertising of tobacco products name, trademark packaging, decoration and the like. Renamed, recruitment revelation producers or sellers of tobacco products released, tobacco products must not contain names, trademarks, packaging and decoration, and similar content.
Increase penalties for false advertising
Prohibit minors aged 10 Advertisement
The new law increases the relevant provisions specifically constituted false advertising conditions, first the contents of the false, the second is misleading content guide mislead consumers, are false advertising.
The new law further cited the four typical specific circumstances, increase the industrial and commercial department of false advertising operability, while the legal responsibility of the new law also increased fines for false advertising efforts also increased the revocation of licenses, certificates The new regulations, credit constraints, and industry banned areas, greatly enhancing the cost of illegal false advertising.
According to friends, said the line after a new advertising law, limit the term of punishment from the original three changed to a paid fine of $ 200,000 from!
Such as: national, world-class, the most advanced, best, biggest, first, the only, the first choice for the best, the greatest, accurate, top, highest, lowest, most, most, most expensive, newest, most advanced greatest extent, the latest technology, the most advanced science, national product, to fill the gaps, absolute, exclusive, first, newest, most advanced, the first brand, Gold, brand name, excellent, first, top, exclusive, whole Net sales of the first world premiere, the country's first, starting the whole network, the world's leading, top technology, the latest science, the latest technology, the most advanced processing technology, the most stylish, best, top, top, ultimate, most popular, ace, sales champion, the first (NO.1 \ Top1), the ultimate, permanent, ace, head, leader of the brand, unique, exclusive, unique, unprecedented, unprecedented, universal etc belong to limit terms.
It is reported that the limit term includes, but is not limited to the Product List page, the title of goods, subtitle, the main map and details page, merchandise packaging. Shop for term limits, once discovered irregularities shop will be given demerit points and fines, in a fine of $ 200,000 or less than one million yuan, appear serious cases will directly deal with the closure of the store. Once the term limit in case of customer complaints, and activists successfully, the payment amount will be borne entirely businesses. So, sellers who want to pay attention to it, self-correction, timely amendments and changes, in order to avoid penalty.
Prohibit minors aged 10 Advertisement
Advertising Law
The new law, endorsers in advertisements for goods and services do recommend proven, should be based on facts and in accordance with this Law and relevant laws and administrative regulations, and are not allowed to unused goods or services received do not recommend proof.
Also stipulates do recommend proven false advertising subject to administrative punishment less than three years of natural persons, legal persons or other organizations may not be as endorsements. In the corresponding provisions of the liability which also recommended the endorsers illegal or proof of administrative responsibility and civil liability.
In addition, the new law, and shall not make use of minors under the age of 10 as an advertising spokesperson.
           Engaging in false advertising
Increase health food advertising, mass media, advertising and other regulations
For health food advertising in the outstanding problems, the new law adds provisions on health food guidelines, health food ban endorsement, ban relates to disease prevention, treatment function.
For questions disguised advertising radio, television, etc., the new law clearly requires the mass media advertising should be prominently marked "advertisement", to distinguish from other non-advertising information, and to increase the legal responsibility disguised advertising. Radio, television, newspapers and audio-visual publishing unit, Internet information service provider shall not introduce health, health knowledge in the form of disguised advertising medicines, medical equipment, medical, health food advertising.
For the case of the proliferation of spam, the new law increases stipulates that any unit or individual without the consent or request, shall transmit advertising to their homes, vehicles, nor may the electronic way to send advertising information, and clearly the corresponding legal responsibility .
Drug adverse reactions to be marked
The newly revised "Advertising Law" Compared with the old, an increase of drug advertising provisions of the Code, provides that any person can not speak drug ads, while pharmaceutical advertising must be clearly identified contraindications adverse reactions.

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