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2015 16th Ecuador International Oil and Gas Exhibition site broadcast

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2015 16th Ecuador International Oil and Gas Exhibition site broadcast

  From September 16th-18th2015, Autoware Company attended the Ecuador International Petroleum Exhibition which is the Ecuador's largest oil and natural gas Exhibition.The exhibition was held in the International Convention and Exhibition Center of Ecuadorian capital. Thousands of the world's enterprises attended the Ecuador International Petroleum Exhibition. Under the strong support of the Ecuadorian Ministry of energy, the Ecuador International oil and gas exhibition was a complete success.
Ecuador oil exhibition
  Ecuador is the fifth largest oil producer in Latin America which is specialized in exporting. Over the years, the exhibition are supported by many important participants including Ecuador National Oil Company, Venezuelan National Oil Co, Columbia National Oil Company and other important oil producing countries in South America. Ecuador International Oil and Gas Exhibition is the only exhibition focus on oil and gas field which is held by Ecuador energy department with 15 years history and it became the main platform for cooperation and investment in the field of Ecuador oil and gas.
  As a participant in 2015 Ecuador International Oil and Gas Exhibition , Autoware company, which is specialized in the quantitative loading control system performed reception friendly and enthusiastically to the customers from all over the world, introducing the core products of the Shenzhen Autoware Technology Co., Ltd to them including quantitative loading system, reservoir / tank / code of SCADA system, multifunctional liquid products pry loading system, safety instrumented system, providing the best quantitative loading control system equipment, and petroleum chemical engineering industry services.
Ecuador oil exhibition
  This time, both of the Ecuador Petroleum Exhibition for oil and energy provided an excellent exchange opportunity for companies and organizations for petroleum and chemical equipment manufacturers,    developing an important platform for marketing expansion of Autoware to Ecuador and South American market. During the exhibition, we also had an wide range of communication with a number of representatives from around the world on behalf of enterprises in extensive exchanges, deepening the knowledge about the field of business, technical actual strength, project performance and other aspects of the mutual understanding each other, enhancing the reputation of our company in the region, establishing a good atmosphere of mutual trust and cooperation, creating excellent condition for performing complementary advantages and resources for further development and industry enterprises, realizing remarkable development.

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